How to Turn on Facebook Protectwith 8 simple steps

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How to Turn on Facebook Protect with 8 simple steps

Meta, the company that owns Facebook, uses a security system called “Facebook Protect.” This program was made for people who think they are more likely to be hacked on Facebook, like people who work for human rights, journalists, and government officials.

In a funny twist, Facebook sent some users an email earlier this year telling them that their accounts needed Facebook Protect. The email came from an address that some people thought was spam: [email protected].


How to Turn on Facebook Protect

Do you have trouble logging into your Facebook account? This could be because you haven’t turned on Facebook Protect in your account settings. Reports say that Facebook is locking people out of their accounts if they haven’t turned on Facebook Protect with two-factor authentication.

They’ve been sending emails with the subject line “Your account needs advanced Protect with this” since the beginning of the month, urging customers to turn on Facebook Protect by March 17. For those who don’t know, this is a security program that helps de-regulate accounts that are highly targeted. By making security measures like two-factor authentication easier to use, you may be able to make them more secure. It also provides additional security Protect for accounts and pages, as well as monitoring for potential hacking threats.

  1. Create a Facebook account.
  2. Now, click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the page.
  3. Then select Settings & Privacy, followed by Settings. To begin, select “Get Started” from the “Protect Your Account” menu.
  4. You’ll now see a screen that says “Welcome.” Then press the button labeled Next.
  5. After that, click Next on the Facebook Protect Benefits screen.
  6. When you turn it on, it will check your account for possible security holes and tell you how to fix them.
  7. Fixes like choosing a strong password and turning on two-factor authentication are common.
  8. Then, click “Fix Now” and follow the steps on the screen to finish setting up FB Protect.

How to Turn on Facebook Protect with 8 simple steps

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