Go on this incredible site if your mobile phone is stolen in India

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Go on this incredible site if your mobile phone is stolen in India

Go on this site if your mobile phone is stolen in India

The Indian government has solved a major problem for Smartphone users. When your mobile phone is stolen, the government has given a great trick to track and block it.

A smartphone being stolen or lost is a bitter truth that cannot be denied. There are many ways to track this. But nothing happens. The phone is gone, along with the data. Now you have backed up. So even if the data is restored, there is still a concern.


If your mobile phone is stolen

If that thief did some wrong thing on the phone, then you would be in legal trouble. The government has found an effective treatment for all of these problems.

CEIR is a portal of the government. If so, the Central Equipment Identity Register, or CEIR, updated their portal. And such features have been given that now mobile thieves are not well protected.

The time that the mobile is stolen, you have to file a report at the nearest police station. After that, this portal will do the rest. Let us know one by one how to get your lost Smartphone.


Phone tracking via SMS

If your mobile phone is stolen follow these points to track it via SMS.

  • You will have to message your 15-digit IMEI number to 14422.
  • If your complaint is valid, then you will get the option of being blacklisted, duplicated, or already in use.
  • You can block your phone here.
  • Along with SMS, you also get the option to register a complaint on the website.

How to get the IMEI number?

Yes, you will know how to remove the IMEI. If you do not know, then you will get it by pressing *#06# on your dial-pad.

What is KYM App?

Go on this incredible site if your mobile phone is stolen in India

Now is the time for the app. So KYM means knowing your mobile app, also for iPhone and Android.

This portal is completely IMEI-based, which means it can track the phone even if the SIM is changed. This app will be most helpful when your mobile phone is stolen.

If you are taking a second-hand mobile phone, then its address will also be known from here.


What if you found your stolen mobile phone back

Now the question that will come to your mind is, if the mobile is found, then the block will remain.

No, just like there is an option to block, there is also an option to unblock. You just need to go on that site again, there will be an option to unblock that phone again. 

Do not go anywhere for any reason. You will get full updates on the app or on the website. You just have to go back to where you started.


A smart way to save your phone from theft

Go on this incredible site if your mobile phone is stolen in India

Now the second thing about happiness. If the mobile phone is stolen and you come to know immediately, then the chances of getting it to increase.

For this, you can download the Hammer Security (track it even if it is off) app. The app has hacked the internet. It is very easy to set up after downloading the app.

If someone steals your phone, he will first turn it off. This app will dummy switch off your Smartphone. This means the phone will not actually be switched off when your phone is stolen.

The thief will not even be able to put the mobile into flight mode. What’s more, the app will take the thief’s selfie and send it to your emergency contact in the live location app. useful app for Android users.

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