7 Important steps before selling your old phone

Important steps before selling your old phone

Do you intend to sell your old phone? You can prepare it for sale by following this step-by-step guide.

You might get bored with your new phone. Or do you want to get the most recent phone? There is also no space for your old phone. A smartphone has a three-year lifespan.

If you want to sell your Android phone but don’t know how this tutorial will walk you through every step. 7 Here are some Important steps before selling your old phone by Technical Dost.


1. Back up all of your data

The first and most important step in preparing to sell your old phone is to back up all of your data. This includes your contacts, call history, messages, photographs, videos, documents, notes, music, audio recordings, and WhatsApp chats (if you want).

It’s critical that you take your time with this process. When users switch phones, they frequently experience data loss, particularly in their WhatsApp conversations.

If you haven’t yet purchased a new phone, we strongly advise against selling the old one. Instead, buy a new phone, transfer all of your data to it, double-check that all of your files were successfully transferred, and then sell the old one. CLONEit, Copy My Data, MobileTrans, and other apps in the Play Market can help you transfer data.

2. Deactivate all associated accounts, devices, and screen locks.

After backing up and transferring all of your data, delete all related accounts from your previous phone. This includes your Google Account, social network accounts, and third-party app accounts.


If you factory reset your phone without deleting your Google Account, the next owner may not be able to use the phone or sign in to their Google Account because it still needs to recognize you as the owner. 

Follow the below steps to delete your Google Account from your phone.

  • Navigate to your smartphone’s settings.
  • Locate and select “Accounts & Backup.”
  • Select “Manage Accounts.”
  • After selecting your Google Account, tap “Delete Account.”
  • Tap “Remove account” once more to confirm.

Unpair all of your phone’s linked devices, including your smartwatch, Bluetooth speakers, and earphones. Remove all lock screen security measures, including your password, pin code, pattern, and fingerprints saved.

3. Take out your SIM and microSD cards

Remove the SIM card from the phone if you don’t want the next owner to have it. While you’re at it, remove the microSD card from your old phone and insert it into your new phone so you can access your data.

However, if you intend to include a microSD card with your older phone (perhaps as a promotional bonus), be aware that performing a factory reset after installing the card will erase all of the data on it. The data will also be deleted.

4. Perform a factory reset

A factory reset is one of the most important steps before selling your old phone. By doing so, you effectively erase all traces of yourself from the phone’s memory, preventing the subsequent owner from accessing any of your private data. It also improves device performance by deleting all downloaded files and applications, freeing up RAM and internal storage.

Follow the below steps to factory data reset.

  • Navigate to your smartphone’s settings.
  • Go to “General Management” > “Reset” > “Factory Data Reset” to reset the factory data.
  • Press “Reset” once more.
  • Enter the password for your lock screen.
  • Select “Delete All.”

After a factory reset, only the data originally stored on your smartphone is deleted; data stored in cloud apps such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive is unaffected. When you sign in to your Google Account on your new phone, all of your emails, for example, if you use Gmail, will appear as expected.

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5. Wipe down the phone’s body

After cleaning the inside of your phone, you should take care of the outside. This will make the device more appealing to prospective buyers and increase your chances of negotiating a favorable price.

Before you begin cleaning your phone, turn it off, unplug the charger and headphone wires, and remove the back cover. Avoid using rubbing alcohol because it can damage your display’s oleophobic coating.


Any screen protectors that have been applied to your display and show signs of scratches, fractures, or shattering should be peeled off and discarded. Prospective customers would notice the scratches on the display rather than the screen protector and decide against purchasing the phone.

6. Gather all of your authentic accessories.

If you sell your phone after a few years, make it a habit to keep the original box, receipts, charging brick, cords, and other accessories. A phone is more valuable without its original accessories than it is with them in the secondary market.

However, if your new phone does not come with a charger, it is preferable to keep the old one to save money on purchasing one. Unless, of course, your old charger is inefficient or incompatible with your new phone.

7. Conduct Market Research

After completing the preceding steps, your phone is ready for sale. One of the final steps before selling your old phone is to determine its general market value.

Selling your Android phone may be more difficult than you expected because, unfortunately, they do not hold their value as well as iPhones. Despite this, given the company’s reputation, Samsung phones sell a little easier than other Android brands.

To determine the market value of your phone, use an internet app like Cashify. You can also look through several online markets to see how much other vendors are charging for phones similar to yours.

Not to a company, but to anyone who wants to use your phone. People who buy your phone with the intention of selling it later are likely to reject your offer significantly because they want a return on their investment. Selling to a user rather than a business increases your chances of getting the best deal.

7 Important steps before selling your old phone
7 Important steps before selling your old phone

Put your Old phone up for sale.

When selling outdated technology, you must take many precautions to ensure that your security and privacy are not jeopardized; it is not as simple as selling outdated furniture. If you carefully followed all of the previous instructions, you are ready to sell your phone. Set it up for sale and begin communicating with potential buyers!

Important steps before selling your old phone

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