India 5G Connectivity Ranking: Falling Last Compared to Neighbors

India 5G Connectivity Ranking: Falling Last Compared to Neighbors

Airtel and Jio have both launched 5G in India, giving people access to super-fast internet. Many cities have already started using 5G, and by the end of the year, this wave is expected to spread to the rest of the country. All of this is pretty exciting, right? But here’s the catch: even though 5G is a big deal, India is still behind its neighbours in terms of connectivity, like Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal. This fascinating information comes from a global non-profit group that just put out a report on the subject.

Let’s look at the most important parts of this report:


Rankings of connectivity

India is a tech powerhouse, but it only came in sixth place in the race in South Asia connectivity. Our score for how well we connect is 43%. Now, this might not sound like the gold medal we were hoping for but remember that India is still better than average even if they came in sixth. Isn’t it cool that we’re ahead of the curve when it comes to IPV6 being used all over the world? That’s something to smile about for sure.


Champions in the same area

If you look at the countries next door that have the best connectivity, Bhutan is the winner with a score of 58%. Bangladesh is close behind with 51%, then the Maldives with 50 %, Sri Lanka with 47 %, and Nepal with the same 43% as us. So, we might be a little behind, but we’re in good company with other countries that are also trying to improve connectivity.


Infrastructure and safety

Let’s talk about safety now. India gets a good score of 66% in this category, which shows that while we’re building our internet highways, we’re also working to keep them safe. When it comes to infrastructure, however, we’re at a lower 31%. There are things that could be done better, but progress is a journey, not a race.


Why is everyone talking about 5G?

So, why is everyone talking about 5G technology? Imagine a world where everything and everyone is linked. This is what the fifth-generation mobile network says it will do. Before 5G, we had 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G, which all made Digital transformation. But 5G technology takes it a few steps further. It’s like going from a narrow road to a superhighway. There are more devices, Internet speeds are faster, and you can handle more data.


What’s around the bend?

Want to know more about 5G plans and costs? Airtel and Jio have already started offering 5G technology, and the good news is that the prices are unlikely to go up. Airtel is not offering separate 5G plans, and it looks like Jio is doing the same. Also, keep an eye on BSNL because it might start offering 5G services in 2023.

Don’t be fooled about 5G in India soon


Real Gold or Fool’s Gold?

Now, here’s a twist on the 5G story that will make you think. Every time a new generation of networks comes out, people are excited and looking forward to it. But some of us may remember when 4G didn’t feel like the big step into the future it was supposed to be. Now that 5G has arrived, people aren’t sure if it’s just another gimmick or if it will really do what it says it will. The truth is somewhere in the middle. As technology changes, so do our expectations, and sometimes it takes time for the dust to settle before the real capabilities of a new network become clear.

So, that’s a quick look at India’s journey to 5G, complete with speed bumps, promises, and potential. Even though we might be a little behind our neighbours, it’s all part of the fun. As we prepare for a faster Digital transformation, let’s enjoy the ride and see how 5G connects us all in ways we never thought possible.

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