Indian Traditions need software update

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Indian Traditions need software update

India is well known for its culture and traditions, but some of those very Indian traditions are now being used to exploit our fellow citizens. In villages, Indian women are still required to cover their faces with dupattas. And, of course, it is imposed on them. They don’t want to do it on their own.

It has become the new normal to disregard the intent, time, and reason for all of our Indian traditions and simply follow them as they are. We live in a time when women can do whatever they want. They are going to space and excelling in sports.

However, there are still many places in this society that do not allow women to live the life they want. And they require a word called permission, which is already demonstrating their independence. Maybe it’s really time for an update. 


This is why women must cover their faces with dupattas.

During the Mughal era, we developed the practice of concealing women’s faces beneath dupattas out of concern for their safety.

The Mughals would take any girl they fancied with them. As a result, women were forced to conceal their faces behind dupattas in order to remain safe. So they can defend themselves if the Mughals cannot see their faces.

After a while, they started wearing it just on their heads instead of covering their entire face all the time. So that when the bad people came, they could quickly hide their faces.


Indian Traditions need a software update
Indian Traditions need a software update

Now people are misguided by thinking it’s a symbol of respect for our elders.

So, if a woman is not hiding her face in front of her in-laws, she doesn’t respect them. It’s funny how a dupatta can decide the amount of respect one has for another. Even if someone is abusing the other under that piece of cloth, would it still be considered respectful? I don’t think so.

Respect comes only from our hearts and nothing else. It has nothing to do with covering a face, because if that’s the case, I, as a son, should also hide my face in front of my father. Otherwise, my respect for him might be questioned. Sounds weird, right?


A saint’s story suggested a husband hit the door while cooking.

Indian Traditions need a software updateIndian Traditions need a software update
Indian Traditions need a software update

There was a couple in the woods, and they were both blind. They faced many challenges in their daily lives, but they were able to overcome them all.

One day, the wife was preparing a meal. When a dog entered quietly, it ate everything she had prepared. This could not be seen by either of the two people. Their food had all been gone.

The dog began performing this action every day. The dog would eat every meal that the helpless couple had prepared for themselves.

They once noticed the dog barking. When the elderly woman realized that it had been a dog all along. She started hitting everything in her close surroundings with a stick. But The dog jumped away. Despite this, he did not give up his regular source of food easily. He continued to attempt to steal their food by coming back.

One day, a saint paid a visit to that couple’s home. Both of them were depressingly miserable. When the saint inquired about the cause, they told him everything about the dog.

The saint advised the husband to place himself on the door with a stick whenever the wife begins cooking. In order to scare the dog away, he should keep banging his stick on the ground. Once the food is ready, he should return inside. This idea made the couple very happy, and they soon began doing it every day.

After a few years, they gave birth to a child. His father imparted the same lesson to him as he grew older. The son was now responsible for the father’s duties. Time passed, and the child grew up and got married. Now, when his wife first started cooking, he went and began banging on the door with a stick. They kept doing that despite the fact that none of them were blind.

After some time, the saint returned for another visit. and saw what was he doing with that stick. He inquired. The youngster informed him that their family has a custom of banging on the door each time a meal is prepared in the home.

Moral of the story: We forget the necessity behind that Tradition, and just like that man’s son, we blindly follow those traditions even though we are not required to do so now.


Without questioning their intent, time, or reason, we blindly follow Indian Traditions

I heard that in an experiment, there was a parrot that the researcher fed. That parrot made a lot of gestures. They give him food one day after a specific gesture. The next day, they give him food in the same manner. He used to make that gesture every time he went to get that food. That gesture became that parrot’s Tradition. Just like us, we both specialize in the same thing.

India is well known for its culture and Indian traditions, but now some of those very Indian traditions have started to exploit our fellow people.

I believe that a home is a place where we all want to live a comfortable life and wear our comfortable clothes. But that cannot provide comfort to these women. They are still forced to cover their faces or wear a dupatta on their heads in the name of tradition. And it’s strange to think that even though that is their home, those people are family members, and they are safe, they must still wear that dupatta on their heads in the name of tradition.

Disregarding the intent, time, and reason for all of our Indian traditions and simply following them as they are has become the new normal. Even software can be updated. But these Indian traditions, which we blindly follow, do not have an update button. There were numerous malpractices such as “Child marriage,” “Sati Pratha,” and others. People used to believe that these practices were part of our culture at the time. However, we now know that it was a crime and a violation of someone’s rights.

For a brighter future, we must all update our Indian traditions. It is beneficial to carry our culture into the future and within ourselves. However, we should only carry Transitions that do not violate anyone’s rights and actually good for us. Perhaps it is time for an update. This is all in Indian Traditions, which need a software update.

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