The Power of AI: How Facebook and Instagram Know What You Want to See

The Power of AI: How Facebook and Instagram Know What You Want to See

If you’ve ever had the uneasy feeling that Facebook and Instagram are listening in on your conversations, don’t worry; it’s not some eerie technological conspiracy. At work is the brilliant work of algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). But don’t worry! Meta, Facebook and Instagram parent company is here to shed some light on this enigmatic phenomenon and demonstrate that AI does not leave us powerless over the content we see.

In a recent blog post, Meta’s President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, explained how AI works its magic to deliver content that we find incredibly interesting. Let’s take a trip into the world of artificial intelligence to see how your feeds can be personalised just for you.

So, how does artificial intelligence make content recommendations? Consider this: you’re discussing your epic biking trip to Leh or the cool sneakers you can’t wait to get your hands (or feet) on. Suddenly, there’s a boom! You start seeing ads and posts about Ladakh and your dream sneakers in your news feed. Magic? No, it’s artificial intelligence predicting what you might find valuable based on your past behaviour. Suppose you share a post about your trip or those trendy sneakers, AI notices and takes it into account. It’s almost as if you have a digital clairvoyant predicting your interests!

But hold on, there’s more! AI does not rely on a single prediction to determine what piques your interest. After all, it’s not a mind reader (or is it?). Instead, it combines a slew of predictions to get as close to determining the content that truly matters to you as possible. Some predictions are based on your online behaviour, while others are based on survey feedback. Consider it an intricate web of data at work behind the scenes to bring you content you’ll enjoy.

You might wonder if AI views all of us as a content-hungry monolith. Not! Meta understands that each of us is an individual with distinct preferences and interests. What rocks your world might not even register on the radar of someone else. This is where AI’s personalization abilities come into play. It personalises your experience based on your activity, preventing you from being bombarded with irrelevant content. So go ahead and geek out about your niche interests – AI has your back!

“But what if I don’t want AI to know everything about me?” you may be thinking. Don’t worry, dear reader! Meta is concerned with your comfort and understanding. They’ve released 22 system cards that show how AI ranks content and makes predictions. It’s like revealing a few trade secrets to you so you’re not in the dark about AI sorcery.

But that isn’t all. If you still think your feed could benefit from a personal touch, Meta has you covered. They’ve established centralised command and control centres on both Facebook and Instagram. It’s like having your own content wizard’s lair! You can then fine-tune your preferences and tell the AI what you want to see more of (or less of). Say goodbye to irrelevant content and hello to a feed tailored to your preferences.

To summarise, artificial intelligence (AI) is the not-so-secret sauce that keeps Facebook and Instagram engaging, exciting, and, most importantly, fun! It doesn’t want to trick you or control your every move; it just wants to be your perfect wingman, introducing you to content you’ll love. Thanks to AI, your social media experience is more personalised and enjoyable than ever.

So, the next time you see a post about that Leh biking trip or those snazzy sneakers you’ve been eyeing, remember this. Instagram Know What You Want to See

Give a nod to the AI wizards working behind the scenes. They’re the ones who make sure your feeds are full of content you enjoy. And, thanks to Meta’s transparency and customizable controls, you can now join the AI party and truly transform your social media experience. Instagram Know What You Want to See

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