Authenticity for Sale: The Downfall of Instagram Paid Blue Tick

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Authenticity for Sale: The Downfall of Instagram Paid Blue Tick

Authenticity for Sale: The Downfall of Instagram Paid Blue Tick

Instagram has now introduced a paid option for obtaining the blue tick, allowing anyone to pay 699 rupees to present themselves as an influential figure or content creator. This shift has significantly undermined the credibility and purpose of the blue tick, turning it into nothing more than a hollow symbol of vanity.

In my opinion, the blue tick on Instagram is used to signify something meaningful. It was a mark of distinction reserved for individuals who had truly earned recognition through their creativity, talent, or contribution to society. It was an assurance that the account belonged to a genuine person or organization of importance. However, with the introduction of this Instagram Paid Blue Tick, that assurance has been shattered, and the true value of the verification badge has been undermined.

This new feature is akin to purchasing a trophy for being the “man of the match” in a game you didn’t even participate in. It reeks of superficiality and deceit, as it allows individuals to present themselves as something they are not, simply because they have the means to buy it. It’s an artificial way to gain credibility and influence without putting in the effort, hard work, or talent that would naturally lead to genuine recognition.

Furthermore, those who believe that buying the Instagram Paid Blue Tick will lead to increased earnings on Instagram are mistaken. The platform’s algorithm is notorious for its inconsistencies and unpredictable nature. One video can gain millions of views, while another may struggle to reach a hundred. As an Instagram user, I can attest to the frustrating experience of witnessing great content go unnoticed while mediocre or mundane posts receive unwarranted attention. In my personal experience, despite my best efforts, I have only managed to earn a meagre sum of 50,000 rupees from Instagram. Thus, I am sceptical of the claims made by those who boast about their substantial earnings on the platform.

My advice to fellow Instagram users is to resist the temptation of purchasing the Instagram Paid Blue Tick. It is a shallow and deceptive way to gain credibility, one that tarnishes the authenticity of the platform and undermines the hard work of genuine content creators. Instead, focus on creating meaningful, engaging content that resonates with your audience. Build your following organically, and let your talent and dedication speak for themselves.

Instagram should reconsider this move and protect the integrity of the blue tick by reinstating a more stringent verification process. They should restore the badge to its original purpose of recognizing individuals who have earned their place through genuine accomplishments, rather than allowing it to be reduced to a mere commodity available to the highest bidder.

The introduction of an Instagram Paid Blue Tick has devalued the authenticity and significance of the verification badge. It has transformed what was once a symbol of genuine recognition into a shallow status symbol that can be purchased by anyone with enough money. As responsible users of social media, let us resist the allure of this Instagram Paid Blue Tick and focus on creating authentic content that truly reflects our talents and contributions.

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