Instagram’s new Quiet Mode won’t let notifications disturb you.

Instagram’s new Quiet Mode won’t let notifications disturb you

Instagram recently released a new feature called Quiet Mode, which can be used to temporarily hide all notifications and posts from the app’s feed. This feature may be especially helpful for people, especially teenagers, who need a break from the app. In an official blog post, the company announced the feature, explaining that it will help users “focus their attention” and “establish boundaries” with their friends and followers.

When activated, how does Instagram’s silent mode work? No further alerts will be sent after the user has selected this option. When they receive a private message, the app will immediately respond with an automated message and update their activity status to reflect this.

Instagram’s new Quiet Mode was designed with teenagers in mind, specifically, those who need help focusing at night while studying or during the day while at school but still want some time to themselves.


How will Instagram’s new Quiet Mode work

In addition, as noted by Meta, switching to Instagram’s new Quiet Mode will cause an automated response to be sent to followers whenever they receive a direct message and will turn off app notifications. In addition, the Quiet mode will silence all notifications from your apps (DM). A blog post on the Meta website states, “The function, which is called Quiet Mode, will send automatic replies to users who try to message you on the platform, letting them know that you weren’t alerted.”

Instagram will show a brief summary of the notifications the user missed during the interval when they reopen the app after a break. This will help people get up to speed on any major developments that may have occurred during the pause.

In addition, Instagrammers will soon be able to adjust the amount of time they spend in a hushed state to fit their own busy schedules. Similar to how Facebook users can schedule Quiet mode to activate at specific times, Instagram users will soon be able to set specific times when the feature will automatically turn on.

Instagram's new Quiet Mode won't let notifications disturb you.
Instagram’s new Quiet Mode won’t let notifications disturb you.

How to turn on Instagram’s new Quiet Mode

To enable Instagram’s new Quiet Mode, go to your Instagram settings and click on> Notifications > Quiet Mode.

According to the description of the feature, “after they spend Instagram’s new Quiet Mode won’t let notifications disturb you. specified amount of time on Instagram late at night,” teenage users will be prompted to switch to Quiet Mode. Paragraph three of the blog post states, “Teens have shared with us that they occasionally want to take time for themselves and may be looking for new ways to focus at night when studying and during the school day.”

Users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can now access the feature. Including India on the list of countries where it will soon be available.

At the same time, Meta is releasing an all-new feature to help users take control of their recommendation feed. Meta, Instagram’s head of product, says, “We want to give people greater control over the content that they see on Instagram, so we’re launching new tools that allow users to tell us what content they don’t want to be recommended to them. These enhancements will be made available over the next few days, says Meta.


More Features of Instagram’s new Quiet Mode

  • Select multiple items from explore that the user is unlikely to be interested in, and hide them.
  • Any recommended posts in the feed that contain the specified words will be removed. By avoiding using a blacklist, you can avoid seeing content in your explore feed that is associated with a specific set of words, emojis, or hashtags.

Instagram can learn what kind of content you like best by how you customize your feed, and then it will show you content that is more likely to be of interest to you. The user-added suggestion features are accessible via the Hidden Words section of the Privacy settings.

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