Game On: Introducing Netflix Gaming to TV and PC

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Game On: Introducing Netflix Gaming to TV and PC

Introducing Netflix Gaming to TV and PC

Get ready, Netflix is levelling up its entertainment game by bringing games to your TV, PC, and more. Just like how you watch your favourite shows and movies on Netflix, soon you’ll be able to play games too!

Until now, Netflix games were only available on phones and tablets. But guess what? They’re now testing games on bigger screens like TVs, computers, and even web browsers. And the coolest part? The trial is starting in Canada and the UK, and some lucky subscribers will get to join the fun.

To start this gaming, Netflix has chosen two games. One is called “Oxenfree,” where you can explore mysterious stories, and the other is “Molehew’s Mining Adventure,” a gem-collecting arcade game. These games are just the beginning – more exciting games are on the way!

Wondering how you’ll play? If you’re using an Android phone, your smartphone will be your controller. If you have an iPhone, you’ll need to download a special controller app. And if you’re playing on the web, a mouse and keyboard will be your tools.

But that’s not all! Netflix has also come up with a new controller app for playing games on your TV. This is a nifty way to make your gaming experience super fun and easy. Remember the saying “work smarter, not harder”? That’s what Netflix is all about!

Mike Vertu, the VP of Games at Netflix, is super excited about this. He says they’ve been working on making gaming awesome since 2021. Their goal is to have games that everyone can enjoy, and they’re working hard to make sure playing games on Netflix is smooth and easy. Mike and his team want to make sure you can play games on Netflix wherever you enjoy whether it’s on your TV, computer, or phone.

So, whether you’re into solving mysteries or collecting gems, get ready to take your Netflix experience to a whole new level. Gaming on Netflix is not just a dream anymore – it’s becoming a reality. And who knows? Maybe soon, your TV remote will be as important as your gaming controller!

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