iPhone 14 is cheaper in these countries compared to India

iPhone 14 is cheaper in these countries compared to India

When compared to the previous model, the Apple 14 series has a price tag that is 10,000 rupees more expensive. Nevertheless, the price of an iPhone 14 is cheaper in some other countries. If you are going to be traveling to any of these countries anyway and are interested in purchasing an iPhone 14, you should do so in one of these countries rather than India because the price of an iPhone 14 in those countries is significantly lower than the price in India.

The 14-series Apple iPhones went on sale for the first time in India on September 16th. Every model of the iPhone 14, with the exception of the iPhone 14 Plus, is now available for purchase. October marks the beginning of availability for the iPhone 14 Plus on retail shelves. Prices for Apple’s 2022 iPhones, which are part of the iPhone 14 lineup, begin at Rs 79,900 in India.

The stronger value of the United States dollar has resulted in Apple maintaining the prices of the iPhone 13 series and the iPhone 14 models in the United States. However, the tech giant has raised prices in a number of other countries and regions, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan. Additionally, the iPhone 14 is cheaper in comparison to India.

In point of fact, the prices of older iPhone models have also seen a recent increase in some of the European countries that make up the European Union. Apple has added a Rs 10,000 premium to the cost of both of its Pro models—the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max—in the Indian market.

Regarding the taxes, the prices of iPhones in India include an 18% GST and a 22% customs duty (levied before GST). The iPhone 14 series is reportedly going to be manufactured in India by Apple. Nevertheless, it is likely that during the first six months of sales in the country, every unit that is sold will have been imported. Therefore, despite the fact that the iPhone iPhone 14 is cheaper in the United States, there are other countries in which new iPhones can be purchased at a price that is lower than what it is in India.

In addition, kindly take note that there is a larger gap between the prices of the two models of iPhone 14 Pro. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro can be purchased for a total of Rs 1,39,900 in India. However, the price of this model does not go above Rs 1,10,000 in any of the other nine countries listed below. Please keep in mind, however, that none of the countries’ taxes have been factored into the below-mentioned prices; as a result, the prices may be slightly higher than what is listed.

iPhone 14 is cheaper in these countries compared to India
iPhone 14 is cheaper in these countries compared to India

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus (iPhone 14 is cheaper)



iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Plus

Us $799 Rs 63,601 $899 Rs 71,561
Canada CAD 1099 Rs 63,601 CAD 1249 Rs 76,222
Hong Kong HK 8599 Rs 87,262 HK 7699 Rs 78,129
Singapore SGD 1299 Rs 73,893 SGD 1499 Rs 85,270
Australia A$1399 Rs 76,312 A$1579 Rs 86,131
UAE AED 3,399 Rs 73,711 AED 3,799 Rs 82,385
Malaysia RM 4,199 Rs 73,922 RM 4,699 Rs 82,942
Japan JPY 1,19,800 Rs 67,000 JPY 1,34,800 Rs 75,000
Mainland China CNY 5,999 Rs 69,000 CNY 6,999 Rs 80,000


iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max (iPhone 14 is cheaper)


iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Us $999 Rs 79,920 $1099 Rs 87,491
Canada CAD 1399 Rs 85,376 CAD 1549 Rs 94,530
Hong Kong HK 8599 Rs 87,262 HK 8599 Rs 95,380
Singapore SGD 1,649 Rs 93,802 SGD 1,799 Rs 1,02,335
Australia A$1749 Rs 95,404 A$1899 Rs 1,03,586
UAE AED 4,299 Rs 93,228 AED 4,699 Rs 1,01,903
Malaysia RM 5,299 Rs 93,532 RM 5,799 Rs 1,02,358
Japan JPY 1,49,800 Rs 83,000 JPY 1,64,800 Rs 92,000
Mainland China CNY 7,999 Rs 92,000 CNY 8,999 1 lakh

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