Apple iPhone Banned Without Charger

Apple iPhone Banned Without Charger

The iPhone is now required to come with a charger whenever it is purchased. You are aware by now that Apple does not provide a charger with any of their new iPhone models. As a result of their visibility, competing businesses followed suit and ceased distributing the chargers. In this case, you can use the iPhone 14 or any other new iPhone with the charger that comes standard in the box in Brazil.

Indeed, but not in India or elsewhere. Only in Brazil can you buy the new iPhone charger. This is still encouraging information. When something significant occurs in one country, it often prompts similar legislation elsewhere.

Brazil’s Court and Apple

Since last December, Brazilian authorities have been looking into Apple for “discrimination against the consumer,” “the transfer of duty to third parties,” and “the sale of an incomplete product.” You can’t use your iPhone if you don’t have a charger. according to a company statement, they are doing this by selling iPhone 12s and later models without accompanying wall-wart power adapters. The corporation ” did not take any precautions to limit the harm and until now continued to sell the cellular devices without chargers,” the statement stated, referring to previous fines from Brazilian state agencies.

Apple iPhone Banned Without Charger
iPhone Banned Without Charger

On Tuesday, the Brazilian government said that it had fined Apple more than $2 million and banned the company from selling iPhones without a charger in the country, citing Apple’s “discriminatory conduct.” Brazilian authorities issued a notification ordering “the immediate suspension of distribution of iPhone brand handsets, regardless of model or generation, that does not accompany a battery charger.”

Several Brazilian courts have ruled in Apple’s favor on this issue, and the company is sure that its users are aware of the several charging and connectivity choices available to them.

Apple has claimed that its charger releases harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Further, it has negative effects on the natural world. For this reason, we ceased providing battery packs.

Brazil’s Court ordered

The ministry claimed in the decision, which was published on Tuesday in the country’s official gazette, that the iPhone lacked a necessary component as part of a “deliberate discriminatory conduct against customers.” You can’t use your iPhone if you don’t have a charger.

Charging has not been linked to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. But even if that’s the case, it still doesn’t explain why the charger is being sold separately.

When you include a charger with the iPhone 14, we will complete every sale for every phone you are currently selling without a charger. Therefore, the iPhone without a charger is no longer available for purchase. Until Apple iPhone is Banned Without Charger, the forthcoming iPhone 14 will also come with a charger.


iPhone Banned Without Charger

Although the firm “did not take any efforts to minimize the harm and until now continued to sell the cellular devices without chargers,” the statement added that it has previously been fined by Brazilian governmental agencies.

Apple iPhone Banned Without Charger
iPhone Banned Without Charger

The Brazilian government has criticized Apple for “deliberate discriminatory actions against consumers” after concluding that the company’s approach “results in no practical demonstration of environmental protection on Brazilian land.”

With the iPhone 14, Apple will include a charger

The judge also demanded that the phone’s charger be turned over. It’s a form of discrimination against customers and it’s crucial. I doubt you’ll ever give me a pair of headphones. Absolutely not an issue. The use of in-ear monitors is not obligatory. Of course, the charger is the most important part. Without their chargers, phones are worthless.

What should India do?

The result is that even people from India and elsewhere voice their dissatisfaction. I appreciate Indians for helping to spread the #Boycott movement worldwide. Please utilize #boycottApple and #wantCharger to make iPhone Banned Without Charger a reality in India.

Put your name and number on the consumer court’s website and lodge a formal complaint. There is no cost to us for using an iPhone or any other phone made by that manufacturer.

A charger for your phone may become available in the future, and iPhone Banned Without Charger also applies to this location. Raise your voice for a good cause, at the very least. iPhone Banned Without Charger

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