Is Android TV worth buying?

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Is Android TV worth buying?

The Android operating system is so widespread that it is difficult to locate. Not only are smartphones and tablets involved, but Android is also available on a wide range of other devices, including your television.

Enter Android TV, which allows you to watch your favorite streaming platforms while also controlling your smart home devices from the comfort of your couch. So let us get to know Is Android TV worth buying by Technical Dost.

The History of Android TV

When Android TV first debuted in 2014, it was shown on Asus’ Nexus Player. Prior to the arrival of Android TV, Google released a TV operating system called Google TV in 2010.

Google, on the other hand, dropped Google TV three years later due to commercial failure. Google replaced it with Android TV after a few months. Android TV is supported by a wide range of devices, including televisions, soundbars, digital media players, and Android boxes.

Is Android TV worth buying?
Is Android TV worth buying?


What is Android TV?

Android TV is a television-specific operating system. If you have Android TV installed on your device, you can stream apps to your TV, use Chromecast to send your phone or computer’s screen to your TV, or play music.

The fact that Android TV is Android is its primary advantage. As a result, developers can easily convert their apps for Android TV and upload them to the Google Play Store.

Despite having its own Google Play Store, not all of the apps on your phone will work on Android TV. However, APK files can still be used to sideload apps onto Android TV. Because Android apps must account for the dimensions and constraints of Android TV, only Android apps that support the TV will appear in your search results.


What can you do with Android TV?

The Play Store on Android TV has a large selection of music and streaming apps. This includes Disney+, Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. The apps to install on your Android TV are already available on the Play Store, so you won’t miss out on any fun.

Google Assistant, like on other Android devices, is also available on Android TV. If you talk to your device, give it spoken instructions, or ask it questions, the Google Assistant will do the rest of the work for you.

You can also use Android TV to control your smart home appliances. You can control your smart home devices from your television. For example, while watching a movie, you could ask Google Assistant on your Android TV to dim the lights in your living room.

Is Android TV worth buying?
Is Android TV worth buying?


How is Android TV different from Google TV?

Google has resurrected Google TV, the forerunner of Android TV, in an unexpected turn of events. As previously stated, Google’s first TV operating system was called Google TV, and it was eventually replaced by Android TV.

Google TV now replaces Android TV on a variety of other devices, including more recent Chromecast versions. Google TV is still fundamentally Android TV, with the same features, so this is more than a rebranding.

The user interface is distinct, with Google TV’s redesigned home screen emphasizing finding new content to watch with the assistance of AI technologies even more. In addition, Google is introducing new features that will make using Google TV to watch live TV easier than ever.


Which is better, smart TV or Android TV?

Android TV is essentially a smart TV, but it has several useful features and additional possibilities in its application library. Smart TVs typically outperform and run faster than Android TVs because there are fewer applications to launch. They also have a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

Is Android TV worth buying?

It’s fantastic not only for people with disabilities but also for people who are simply lazy (which is fine). If you enjoy Netflix and don’t mind incorporating it into your regular viewing routine, Android TV is the best device to use.

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