Is it possible to pay all day with UPI? No way!

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Is it possible to pay all day with UPI? No way!

Is it possible to pay all day with UPI? No way!

You launched the app to pay with UPI, but when you checked on the transaction, it had not yet been processed. Some aspects of your life left you feeling less than satisfied. Given that the application is functioning normally and there are no network issues, what could have possibly gone wrong? If you use UPI frequently, it’s highly likely that you’ve already made the maximum number of transactions for the day. So is it possible to pay all day with UPI?

How often do you think payments would be processed if the UPI were to be implemented? When the time comes to make a payment, how much will that cost? That is not the case in any way, shape, or form at all. Daily limits are imposed by the system on both the maximum number of occurrences of UPI and the maximum duration for which it can continue. Watch this space for the impending announcement of the limit amount (the Daily Transaction Limit UPI).

Before we get started, I’d like to provide some background on the NPCI, the organization tasked with monitoring the UPI. Their rules state that a day’s worth of UPI transactions cannot exceed one lakh rupees in total value. Conversely, your financial institution will be the one to set this limit. A maximum of Rs 25,000 is all that can be spent on this transaction at Canara Bank, for instance. Customers of the State Bank of India (SBI), on the other hand, can spend up to 100 thousand rupees. Let us find out if Is it possible to pay all day with UPI?


How often can I make a payment?

Is it possible to pay all day with UPI? If you hit this cap twenty times in one day, you’ll have to wait until the next day to try again. This is the typical cap, but individual banks can, within these limits, set their own caps at whatever they deem appropriate. Next, could you please tell us how much money can be transferred using each of the available payment apps?

PhonePe UPI

The maximum amount that can be transferred in a single day using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is one hundred thousand rupees. Having said that, the part your bank plays is crucial to consider in this scenario. The issue at hand is identifying the limits that have been established going forward. Depending on the complexity of the transactions, ten to twenty can be completed each day. The final say in this matter will also rest with your bank. Therefore, it is critical that you double-check this data with your bank right away.



If you connect all of your accounts and apps, you can make up to ten UPI transactions in a day. You will be able to withdraw up to one lakh rupees per day, even at this location.


Paytm UPI

Minor updates have been made recently to the Paytm-accessible program. There is a limitation not just on the time of day, but on the time of hour as well. You have a daily limit of one lakh rupees, but you can send no more than 20,000 rupees at a time. Sending more than one lakh rupees in a day is not possible. Twenty UPI transactions are allowed per day, and five per hour. So you can definitely not pay all day with UPI?

Specifically, the issue affects mobile applications that are frequently used for making monetary transactions. However, UPI transactions can be completed through the app your bank provides you with if you need those supplementary services. pay all day with UPI and these functions are assumed to be present in any mobile banking app. If this does not work, other transfer options like IMPS and NEFT are available. If the amount you need to pay is sizeable, RTGS should be your first choice for making the transaction.

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