Is it worth buying Smart Ceiling Fan for my Home?

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Is it worth buying Smart Ceiling Fan for my Home?

Is it worth buying Smart Ceiling Fan for my Home?

You’ve probably heard of smartphones. But today we will tell you about this smart ceiling fan. Yes, you heard it right, smart-selling fans! What are these “smart selling fans,” and how do they work? Is it worth buying Smart Fan for my Home? Technical Dost will discuss this today!


What is a “Smart Ceiling Fan”?

Our typical fan is connected through an electric cable or through internal wiring to work. Smart fans work through wifi or Bluetooth. Even when you’re not at home, you can operate it through your Android too. 


What Is the Function of the Smart Ceiling Fan?

Using a smart ceiling fan is very easy. It’s as simple as asking Alexa. Or you can do it through simple settings on any smartphone. You can do simple program settings for your fan, like when to spin and when to keep the air still. You can control your smart fan with remote control. 


Do smart ceiling fans consume more electricity?

A smart ceiling fan is a new concept. It sounds more lavish than splurging to buy a smart ceiling fan. Don’t worry, the Smart Fan will keep your electricity bill down. People who really want to make some good changes in their lives can opt for this smart fan. 


The Features of Smart Ceiling Fans

  1. Can be controlled through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. 
  2. After programming it, you can use your phone to control your ceiling fan from anywhere.
  3. Few Smart Fans are compatible with other smart home technologies. 
  4. low consumption of electricity. 
  5. It can be controlled by Alexa. 
  6. Besides Alexa, many other apps are also available to control your fan. 
  7. You can save time by programming an On/Off schedule. For example, you can program those hours when the fans need to be off. 
  8. Detection Sensor: This feature is very impressive. Some ceiling fans can also detect when someone is or isn’t in a room. 

9-Control Temperature As Per Your Room’s Heat: Some smart fans have the capability to sense your room’s temperature to adjust it itself. 

I’m sure the above-mentioned features will attract you. Now, do you want to know if smart fans are available in India and what their price range is?

Yes, smart ceiling fans are easily available in Indian markets. More than 10 large companies deal in this section. All of them can be easily available online as well. The price range starts from 3500 to around 18000 with basic and advanced features. A few ceiling fans have a sense of humidity level and speed control based on room temperature, and some have an LED display that shows you the settings you’ve chosen.

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