Is mobile Insurance worth buying?

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Is mobile Insurance worth buying?

What is Mobile Device Insurance

Today, due to the rising prices of mobile phones and their many applications, it has become imperative to ensure the device. In the event of an accident, mobile phone insurance allows you to recoup the cost of repairing your phone.

Also, you can make the same claim in the case of phone theft, which makes it easy to replace the handset with a new one.

Is mobile Insurance worth buying?
Is mobile Insurance worth buying?

The Advantages of Mobile Insurance

Mobile insurance policies are extremely beneficial, especially for those who have a premium smartphone.

• Comprehensive coverage for new devices:

The value of a phone depreciates over time. Thus, when the handset is new, phone insurance can help protect its significant value.

• Screen damage coverage:

If you inadvertently damage the screen of your smartphone, which is one of the most important components of such a device, your insurance policy will cover the cost of repair.

• Smartphone Theft or Robbery:

There is nothing worse than buying the smartphone of your dreams and losing it due to theft or theft. Well, if such an unfortunate event happens, phone insurance will help you buy a replacement handset.

Some insurers may not allow you to buy insurance for a smartphone after a month or two of purchasing the handset.

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Is mobile Insurance worth buying?
Is mobile Insurance worth buying?

Is mobile Insurance worth buying?

We would love to know when the company will pay exactly.

  • Firstly, if your phone slips from your hand, you don’t get insurance.
  • If it’s stolen and you don’t know its whereabouts, it still won’t give you any insurance.
  • If someone picks your pocket in a public place, they will still not give you anything.
  • If you forget your phone on a bus, auto, or public place, you will not get a single penny.
  • If you are playing sports and something happens because of jumping, running, etc., still nothing.

Before buying any insurance, check all the “terms and conditions”. This is all about the “dark reality of smartphone and gadget insurance”. So stay safe, stay happy, and it’s better to just throw your money on the road than buy smartphone insurance. Stay smart.

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