Is someone stealing your WiFi causing problems? 

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Is someone stealing your WiFi causing problems? 

Is someone stealing your WiFi causing problems?

It will be necessary to have an ID password and an IP address, both of which can be obtained from the network provider in order to change the WiFi password. Is someone stealing your WiFi?

Each and every home discreetly reveals the identities of the people who live there. You have, without a doubt, picked up some knowledge of this famous slogan, which is associated with a well-known brand of paints and dyes. At this point, thinking about the people who live in the house is not going to accomplish anything positive. It is common knowledge among all people. If we were to ask you, though, do you know who uses your Wi-Fi network and how they got in there? When you heard the question, did it take you back in any way?

You will speculate on who will be using the Wi-Fi connection. The clingy neighbor who just needs to send a file, or the mischievous Chotu who has taken your Wi-Fi password by saying… uncle, it’s just a matter of two minutes. These are the people we are referring to, sir. It is common knowledge that those two minutes will never pass. Chotu, known for his mischief, becomes a gaming legend while his Chipku neighbors enjoy IPL on your Wi-Fi. Now, in addition to these, there are also some sneaky individuals who discover the password to your Wi-Fi network from somewhere and then use it for their own amusement.

Because you have read so much, it is possible that you are now aware of who resides in your Wi-Fi network. However, this is the way that native people do things. It is to your advantage that you learned about it yourself so that you can steer clear of similar situations in the future. Let’s found out if Is someone stealing your WiFi?


How can I see who is Stealing your Wifi?

Is someone stealing your WiFi causing problems? 
Is someone stealing your WiFi causing problems?

The speed of the network is the first thing that is noticeable. Every Wi-Fi router has a maximum speed that it can support, as well as a maximum number of devices that it can connect to the network. Is someone stealing your WiFi? There is no way to hide the fact that a network provider has provided you with a connection whenever they do so. As a result, a speed of Mbps will be available, and as a result, many devices can be connected at the same time.

Now, when watching videos on Netflix or YouTube, a symbol of buffering, will appear on the screen in slow motion. If anything strange starts happening, like the Wi-Fi suddenly disconnecting or turning off, then you should just accept the fact that something is wrong and move on. Warning bells should also sound if the data you receive comes to an abrupt end or is deleted. By the way, before you become a detective, you should try restarting or resetting the router at least once in order to view the list of guests. It’s possible that this is happening for a reason besides the one I listed above.


What are our options?

It’s not something that should be blown out of proportion like that. First things first, you need to change the password for the WiFi when someone is stealing your wifi. If you choose to proceed in this manner, a fresh password will be needed for each of the connected devices. Yes, carrying out this action will cause you some difficulty as well due to the fact that you will be required to enter a new password on each of your devices. Now, in order to accomplish this, you will require an ID-password combination and an IP address, both of which can be obtained from the network provider.

Is someone stealing your WiFi causing problems? 
Is someone stealing your WiFi causing problems?

After this, you will need to type the IP address beginning with 192.168 into the browser. Once you have entered the correct ID and password, you will be able to access the router’s interface. Since the majority of the time, the network providers are the ones who set it up and provide the name and password for the Wi-Fi network, all of this may seem rather mundane to you. However, you should also be aware of these particulars. You will have the opportunity to change the password once you access the settings for the router. Please use a lengthy password that contains a variety of characters.

As a side note, if you want to, you will also be able to view all of the connected devices in this section. It is also possible to remove. Now for something useful: if the password type option gives you the choice between WPA2 and WEP, select WPA2 every time. WPA2 Short for Wi-Fi Protected Access Wired Equivalent Privacy is significantly more challenging to decipher than two different kinds of passwords. If the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) feature is also active, you should deactivate it as well. We have explained the rationale.

In passing, I should mention that the configuration settings for the router also include an option to conceal the Wi-Fi network. You can also do this, and once you have, your Wi-Fi network will no longer be visible when people search for it. Yes, you will need to re-enable those settings in the router’s menu in the event that you ever decide to connect additional devices. Your router is another factor that will determine whether or not you have access to this option.


Check who is stealing your Wifi through the app

Although this approach is very recent, it is already being put into practice in the industry. When someone is stealing your Wifi, there has been a recent explosion in the number of network providers that have started developing apps for all of their services. From this location, you’ll be able to manage your Wi-Fi network settings. What is the total number of connected devices, as well as the amount of data that is being consumed? Everything will be made public, and the password will be vulnerable to being changed.


Here’s a cool trick for you:

Is someone stealing your WiFi causing problems? 
Is someone stealing your WiFi causing problems?

If you are required to share the Wi-Fi connection because this is part of your job. This solution is ideal for you. For example, if you run a business or if you regularly host a large number of guests at your location. Create a QR code and paste it somewhere so you don’t have to keep giving the username and password for the Wi-Fi network. Now you should request that the person to whom you will give your Wi-Fi password scan it.

The person in front of you will have their smartphone directly connected to the WiFi network, and the password will not be disclosed to anyone else. There is a wide selection of QR code generator apps available on both Google Play and the App Store. In addition to that, the option to share your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection is also available to you. On both the Android and the iPhone, this is a simple process for whoever is stealing your Wifi.

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