Is the iPhone 12 Going to Discontinue? A Look at Apple’s Future Lineup

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Is the iPhone 12 Going to Discontinue? A Look at Apple's Future Lineup

Is the iPhone 12 Going to Discontinue? A Look at Apple’s Future Lineup

As Apple fans eagerly await the release of the iPhone 15, a sense of disappointment hangs in the air. Apple inevitably discontinues older models with each new release, and the iPhone 12 could be the next in line. Speculations about which smartphones will be phased out in the fall of 2023 are circulating, heightening interest in Apple’s product lineup. As we prepare for the arrival of the iPhone 15, let’s look into the possibility of the iPhone 12 and other iPhones being discontinued.


Release of the iPhone 15?

The iPhone 12 is the most obvious candidate for discontinuation. Apple typically retires smartphones after three years, and with the release of the iPhone 15, the iPhone 12 will most likely be the first to go.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are also likely candidates for discontinuation, following the trend of discontinuing previous year’s Pro models. Apple has consistently phased out older Pro models when new flagship smartphones are released, and this year is expected to follow suit.

Let’s look into the more difficult possibilities now. The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 14 Plus may also be phased out. The mini models have historically sold poorly, prompting Apple to exclude them from the iPhone 14 lineup. However, there is a possibility that Apple will reduce the price of the iPhone 13 mini by $100 and offer it at a unique price point of $499.

The iPhone 14 Plus was only released last year, so its future is uncertain. Two factors could contribute to its demise. For starters, Apple may consider three 6.7-inch displays – iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 15 Plus, and iPhone 15 Pro Max – to be excessive. Furthermore, lowering the price of the iPhone 14 Plus by $100 would bring it in line with the price of the new iPhone 15, potentially undermining its appeal.


Is the iPhone 12 Going to Discontinue?

As excitement grows for the iPhone 15, the question of which iPhones will be phased out remains unanswered until the official launch. Following Apple’s standard practice, the iPhone 12 appears to be on its way out. The iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, and iPhone 14 Plus are also possible candidates for discontinuation, though Apple’s decision may be influenced by other factors. Only when the iPhone 15 series is unveiled will we have a clear picture of which smartphones will gracefully exit the stage, making way for Apple’s latest and greatest offerings?

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