Is the New Moto G84 Worth the Hype? In-Depth Analysis

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Is the New Moto G84 Worth the Hype? In-Depth Analysis

Is the Moto G84 Worth the Hype?

Motorola’s new Smartphone, the Moto G84, will be shown off next week. Even though people are excited, let’s look at the details and find out what this phone is all about.


1. Design: Leather-backed versions add a touch of class

One thing is certain: Motorola knows how to stand out. The Moto G84 will have a leather-backed version, just like some of its predecessors. It feels like a little bit of luxury in your hand. But keep in mind that leather has its own needs for care, so be ready to give it a little extra TLC.


2. Display

First, the screen is a pOLED display with a size of 6.55 inches. To put it more simply, you can expect bright colors and clear images. But hold on, this screen might use a bit more power than your normal screen.


3. Processor

There is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor inside. It’s like a car’s engine; it keeps everything running smoothly. But keep in mind that this isn’t the most powerful engine, so don’t expect it to handle everything easily.


4. Moto G84 Software

“My UX” runs on top of Android 13 on the Moto G84. It’s like the personality of a phone, but sometimes a phone can have too much personality. Some people might not like how it can be changed.


5. Storage: Lots of memories

The Moto G84 shows its strength when it comes to memory. It’s like having a huge toolbox with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. But you might want to ask yourself if you really need all that room and power. Some people think it’s too much.


6. Moto G84 Camera: Impressive Yet Unpredictable

The main camera on the Moto G84 is 50MP and has OIS. OIS is like a superhero because it keeps your photos from shaking. But remember that a big camera doesn’t mean you’ll take great pictures. The software and other things will still affect the quality.


7. Battery: A Marathon Runner

The 5,000mAh battery may sound impressive but remember that bigger isn’t always better. Even though it sounds like it can last a long time, the truth is that it depends on how you use your phone.


8. Moto G84 Price and Availability

Let’s talk about money now. Between Rs 22,000 and Rs 24,000 is a likely price range for the Moto G84. That’s not exactly chump change, especially when you think about how much competition there is.

Mark September 1 with an enormous red circle because that’s when the Moto G84 will make its big debut. Motorola knows for sure how to make us wait.


       So, there you have it: the Moto G84 is a phone with a leather back and some interesting features. But like any device, it has its own quirks and benefits. It could be a wild ride, or you might wonder if you made the right decision. On September 1, you will find out.

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