Jio Cloud PC an evolutionary future in India for computers

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Jio Cloud PC an evolutionary future in India for computers

Jio Cloud PC an evolutionary future in India for computers

Reliance Industries never misses giving India a surprise and new technology every year. This year also, they are giving one more technology that will completely change the technology world. 

At Reliance’s 45th AGM, Mukesh Ambani said that Reliance will launch its 5G services within the next two months. There was also talk of a pocket-friendly 5G smartphone coming in partnership with Google. Jio Air Fiber was also talked about, due to which broadband speed can be enjoyed at home without having to install a lot of wires.

This hotspot-like device is a wireless single-device solution. In the midst of all these announcements, Jio Cloud PC was also mentioned. This caught our attention the most. A personal computer with minimal hardware configuration A Virtual PC For this, you will need high-speed internet, and then you will be sitting in any corner of the world. Access is in your hands.


What exactly is a cloud PC?

Jio Cloud PC an evolutionary future in India for computers
What exactly is a cloud PC?

The name Cloud PC might sound new to you, but gaming enthusiasts will be quite familiar with it. Cloud gaming is the new pastime of the youth. Neither a gaming smartphone nor a laptop is worth thousands of rupees.

Games with heavy graphics can be played even on a simple smartphone. This happens now because the game’s server, storage, and everything else remains with the gaming company. So it won’t take any of your storage. You will only use how much you need.

If you speak only its mirror image on your laptop or mobile, then the screen is cast. Subscribe whenever it is convenient for you and get started. Cloud PC is also a similar concept. And, expectedly this is how the Jio Cloud PC will work too.


  • No Need to update

Now, with the arrival of 5G, the tension of internet speed is removed. In such a situation, this technique can be very useful. Unlike a normal PC, it does not even need to be updated. As it happens now, if you don’t have a hard disk, install an SSD, or if the RAM is running low, upgrade it. This will be not a problem in Jio Cloud PC. 


  • Basic Computer will work like a high-configuration computer

Here, all the responsibility will be with the company. Because the server is theirs. The initial cost will also be lower. This means, that where you would get a high-configuration laptop, a basic laptop would suffice instead. That is to say, if you buy two or four basic systems, then the work of a small office or home will run smoothly. Jio also showed a glimpse of this Jio cloud PC. Where you can use the high-configured specifications on your basic PC.


  • A Powerful Streaming device

You can also call it a kind of streaming device, but quite a powerful device. The matter will not be limited to watching movies and watching videos. However, Jio has not said much about it yet. But it is being speculated that the device will also have four USB ports, one of which will be 3.1, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, and a 3.5 mm audio jack. The support of 5g will help this device to stream very effectively.

What is the Jio Cloud PC price?

There is also no information about the price, but if you look at the history of Jio, then it will be user-friendly. We will notify you when Jio will reveal the Jio Cloud PC price.

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