Don’t Get Tricked: The Karnataka Online Shopping Scam Revealed

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Don't Get Tricked: The Karnataka Online Shopping Scam Revealed

Don’t Get Tricked: The Karnataka Online Shopping Scam Revealed

In the Karnataka fraud case, a guy named Vishal decided to buy something online. He found a product he liked on a website and ordered it on July 18th. He couldn’t wait to receive it. But when it arrived on July 26th, it wasn’t what he expected. So, like many of us, he called the website’s customer service for help.

Returning stuff you don’t like when you shop online is pretty common. You call customer service, explain the problem, and they help you return it. Vishal did just that, but there was a small issue: he paid for the product using his wife’s bank account. So, they needed some bank details to give him a refund.


The Tricky Part

Everything seemed okay at first. The customer service person asked for the usual bank details to send back the money, which is normal. But here’s where things got tricky. During their talk, the person also asked for the ATM card’s CVV and expiry date. And in no time, 63 thousand rupees disappeared from Vishal’s wife’s account.


Who’s to Blame?

You might think the company or its workers did something wrong. But surprisingly, that’s not what happened. The call didn’t go to the real customer service of the website. Instead, it went to tricky scammers. These bad guys make fake copies of popular websites that look almost the same as the real thing. The only difference is the web address, like changing “” to “”

Here’s the problem: When people like Vishal search for a website on Google, they might end up on one of these fake sites without knowing it. Once there, the scammers are ready to trick you. And by the time you realize it’s a fake website, they’ve already done their bad deeds and vanished.


Safe online shopping practices

What lessons can we take away from this story? Never use Google to find a website’s customer service. It’s safer to go through the official app or website’s help center. Even if someone sounds nice on the phone, don’t share your bank details or click on any strange text messages or links.

9 big mistakes while shopping online

Shopping on the internet is great, but it’s crucial to be alert for tricky parcel return scams that might surprise you. Vishal’s experience reminds us to be careful and not trust anyone too quickly online. So, happy shopping, and stay safe out there on the internet and follow these Online shopping safety tips!

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