Shielding Innocence: How to Keep Kids Safe from Unsuitable Content on Smartphones

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Shielding Innocence: How to Keep Kids Safe from Unsuitable Content on Smartphones

Shielding Innocence: How to Keep Kids Safe from Unsuitable Content on Smartphones

In the digital age we live in now, kids have more access than ever to smartphones, which makes people worry about them seeing inappropriate content. With more people using smartphones during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important to solve this problem. Adult and 18+ content can end up on a child’s phone by accident, either because they were exposed to it or because they were curious. But there are settings that can be changed to make sure that parents and guardians don’t have to worry. This article will show you how to change these settings so that your kids can’t get to adult content on their phones.


How Smartphones Get Adult Content

You might be wondering how phones get adult content. Look for the answer on the internet. If your network provider or government hasn’t blocked pornographic websites, a simple online search can open the floodgates to a lot of explicit content. Whether or not to watch this kind of content is a personal choice, but there is an age limit. This is usually called “18+ content.” The problem comes up when a child accidentally sees this kind of content on a smartphone.


The Role of Curiosity and Keyword Searches

Children are naturally interested in new things, so they often try them out. Because they have easy access to smartphones and are naturally curious, they may search for keywords that lead to explicit content. Unfortunately, these kinds of searches can also lead to people accidentally opening URLs that lead to sites with adult content. Considering how old the child is, both of these situations are bad and should be looked into. So, what can be done when things like this happen? The problem can be fixed by changing some settings on the phone itself.

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Implementing Essential Settings

A few simple settings need to be changed on a smartphone so that 18+ content can’t be seen. Do these things:

1. Access the settings menu on your smartphone.
2. Search for the option labelled “Private DNS.”
3. Within the Private DNS settings, you will find three options: “Off,” “Auto,” and “Designated private DNS.”
4. Select the “Modify” option within the third choice.
5. Type “” in the provided field.
6. By completing these steps, any 18+ content will be blocked on the smartphone, rendering it inaccessible.
7. As for adult content, you can simply choose to disable the settings altogether.

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       As smartphones have become a big part of kids’ lives, it’s important to keep them from seeing things that aren’t appropriate. By using the above settings, parents and guardians can make sure their kids are safe online. Taking these steps helps limit access to adult and 18+ content, easing worries and making sure the experience is worry-free. Remember that it is our job to keep kids safe from bad things, and taking these simple steps can make a big difference in how safe they are online.

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