Your window has that ability Keyboard can replace the mouse

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Your window has that ability Keyboard can replace the mouse

Your window has that ability Keyboard can replace the mouse

Do you find it satisfying to continually point the finger at others? We are not talking about pointing the finger in any particular direction or at any issue; rather, we are referring to the practice of moving one’s finger vertically while operating the mouse on a laptop or personal computer. What kind of an asset are the mouse and trackpad to have? This is common knowledge, but what happens if your mouse stops functioning correctly?

Because it is possible that you will not be required to use the mouse, these shortcuts (windows keyboard shortcuts) will be of great assistance to you and Keyboard can replace the mouse. You should now be aware that pressing the Windows button will open the menu, and pressing the Alt key in conjunction with the Tab key will switch between open applications Keyboard can replace the mouse. Now, let’s discuss some additional shortcuts.

Your window has that ability Keyboard can replace the mouse
Your window has that ability Keyboard can replace the mouse

Tab key

Within a menu, program, or website, tabs function much like a magic wand, allowing users to quickly navigate to any section or field. If you keep pressing the tab key, you will move quickly from one location to another in a matter of seconds.



Simply press the Windows key as well as the letter S on your keyboard simultaneously to conduct a search for any program or file that is currently stored on your computer. The menu for performing a direct search will become available. You can use the Windows key plus E to limit your search to just files and folders if you want.


Enter & Escape

You can access any program by pressing enter, and you can leave it by pressing escape. That is to say, there is no requirement to click on the cross button in order to get rid of going inside when it can simply be closed by double-clicking the mouse.


Windows Up & Down

A keyboard can replace the mouse, altering the order of open applications can be accomplished by pressing the Windows+Up and Windows+Down keys on your keyboard. Windows+Down to minimize Windows+Up to maximize. It is possible to move open applications to the right or left using the Windows + Left and Windows + Right keys on your keyboard.


Alt and spacebar

When you press Alt and the space bar, a small menu will appear over the current application, website, or program. You can scroll through the menu with the help of the arrow keys.


Windows key plus space bar

You can switch between languages quickly and easily using the Windows key and the space bar if you work in more than one language and have to do so frequently. You are able to select the language of your choice by pressing the Windows key and the space bar simultaneously.



You are aware that you need to press shift while simultaneously using the arrow keys, but this will only select a single letter. If you use the arrow keys after first pressing Shift and Control in combination, the entire word will be selected at once. You will not waste as much time using this efficient shortcut. Permit us to explain that while you are reading a menu or a dialogue, certain words or sentences will continue to be underlined. This occurrence is significant and there is a reason for it. They can be selected in one fell swoop by simply tapping on them and Keyboard can replace the mouse.



Your window has that ability Keyboard can replace the mouse. It is difficult because you have to delete one letter at a time. To delete something, press Alt and Backspace. There will be a gradual elimination of each word. 



Control C and Control V are essential keyboard shortcuts that should have been ingrained in your brain from a young age. To close a program or website that’s open in Chrome, press the Control key and the W key simultaneously. The work will be finished quicker than you can blink an eye.



To quickly return to the desktop while you’re working, just press the Windows key and the D key on your keyboard and Your window has that ability Keyboard can replace the mouse. This will minimize all open windows. Did not press this button, so the desktop will appear straight away. If you press once more, you will be brought back to the screen where you were before.

To prevent others from seeing what’s on the screen Simply pressing the Windows key and the letter L at the same time will finish the job for you in a flash. Many of the beneficial aspects of Windows have already been covered in this discussion. The keyboard can replace the mouse. Additionally, you can keep an eye on these features, which are useful in everyday life.

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