Is it worthwhile to exchange a kidney for an iPhone? 

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Kidney for an iPhone

kidney for an iPhone! A wise man once said “Eat only what you can digest” it’s just, that wise man is me, and that once was just now. Don’t sell your Kidney for an iPhone.

Remember that boy in 2011 who was famous for selling his kidney for an iPhone? He is currently bedridden and attached to a dialysis machine. The boy was just seventeen and that didn’t take years to happen. It started shortly after a few months when he sold his kidney for an iPhone.

A boy named Wang Shangkun was just 17 when he realized he wants the iPad 2 so badly that he can go to any extent it takes. After searching the internet for a while he stumbled upon an organ dealer (who was illegal for obvious reasons). He contacted him and sold his right Kidney for an iPhone for the sum of approx 2.3 lakhs which he was not only able to buy the iPad 2 but also an iPhone 4 as well.

The little boy with new toys went home and told his mother about his new gadgets delightfully. His mother was breath taken by the absurdity of the situation. She scolded him to spill the truth about where he got all that money from and when he told her.. she didn’t know how to react. The first thing that came to mind was to contact the police and report the person who is promoting these stupid activities among teenagers. A group of 5 was arrested.

The internet broke on this news and tons of memes and posts were shared regarding the same. It got a lot of traffic for iPhone.

Surely the company enjoyed its time in the sunshine because they didn’t have the courtesy to simply say “don’t do such things”. Instead, they promoted this incident to an extent that led people to start thinking iPhone must be so important that the cost of an iPhone would be your life. Is a kidney for an iPhone worth it?

Within a few months, he developed an infection. His condition deteriorated and he is now bedridden due to a renal deficiency and requires regular dialysis. He can’t even get up from the bed and God knows what future lies ahead of him.

The only thing we can analyze in this particular situation is that the poor little boy just wanted to show his friends how cool he was for having an iPhone, but would it really make him cool? His friends and peers might praise him in front of his face but as soon as he will leave they will mock him for his stupidity. Every sensible individual would act similarly.

The point is, if your financial condition doesn’t allow you a few luxuries, you get them anyway. you are not only trying to pretend a fake lifestyle but are also making fun of yourself. It’s like borrowing a super expensive jacket from a friend and wearing it to dinner without having anything to wear underneath it. You are still naked. people can see that.

Wang was just one example to fall into the trap of show-off. We see a little bit of that behavior all around us. Someone’s buying a car, or fancy clothes, or a big house.. all of that so that people can say “wow, what a rich person that is”. Even if you are dying of hunger after buying all those fancy things. That one moment of praise is much more important to some people than a plate full of food.

One should not use extra soap if they don’t have enough water to wash it off. In simple words, We should not fall into materialistic obsessions. If we know our worth, and what we truly are. then no amount of iPhone or Nokia can change our worth.

I would request you all to not do such things for anything. Let’s just say iPhone is a great invention.. but only buy it if you are actually capable of buying that and not by borrowing money or selling your Kidney for an iPhone or any other body part. Nothing is worth more than your own health. stay safe, stay happy, and Don’t sell your body parts to organ dealers.

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