3 things that make you a criminal on the Internet?

3 things that make you a criminal on the Internet?

We are internet users, so we must know what Cyber Law is. 

Cyber Law is a Law of the Internet. One definition of cyberlaw says that it is a set of legal rules that were made to deal with legal issues related to the internet, computers, and cyberspace. Undoubtedly, If we go against the law, the offense gets registered against us. We must take care of 3 broad things related to internet misuse. 

So, here are some 3 things that make you a criminal on the Internet by Technical Dost.

1. Copyright Law

However, Materials available on the internet mostly come under copyright. Whether it’s related to art, music, video literature, etc. All this content is for your reference and entertainment. Before we go further, I would like to share what is copyright. These things can make you a criminal on the Internet.

You are the culprit if you are reusing that content without permission. Before using anything, you need permission from the property owner. If you are found guilty as per the Indian Copyright Act 1956, 3 years in jail or a penalty of 2 lacks. Avoid falling into this category. 

2. Hack/Crack Wi-fi.

Everybody wants to enjoy the internet without making an investment of money. As a result, people are constantly looking for free Wi-Fi or hot spots. Never try to hack anyone’s password. It’s a legal offense. If the person finds out you hacked the password without permission, they can report and take legal action under Section 65 of the “Information Technology Act.” It’s illegal. 

3. Spy on your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s phone.

Under Article 21, snooping on another person’s phone through any medium without their consent is a serious offense. You will be guilty and have a serious problem you may face. It’s also a breach of any individual’s right to privacy. 

The case of Neera Radia is a reference available on the internet. One income tax office tracked her information without her permission, which brought this to the limelight.

Usually, boys always try to spy on girlfriends’ phone activities. Please don’t do this. By hacking, you are a criminal for sure, and strict action will happen against you.

All such apps available on the internet are not for misuse. They are there to help, not for misuse. These things can make you a criminal on the Internet.


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