Making fool of YouTubers

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Making fool of YouTubers

Youtubers are being looted by the MCN company and its ads are showing on YouTube itself. What the hell is this MCN anyway? It’s called a multichannel network. They are a collection of many companies together asking YouTubers to connect and get a lot of benefits like collaborations with big YouTubers, Great deals for your channel, Safety from random problems creators face on YouTube, and managing you. Read More about Making fool of YouTubers.

The actual thing that they really do, they do absolutely nothing. The biggest advantage of having them is having no advantage at all. Their existence is questionable.

New YouTubers usually fall for this because they sometimes really give 1 or 2 dollars but is it really worth it? In exchange, they get hold of your whole YouTube account and you will be signing a very limited contract that also abides you to pay some amount of your earnings to them.

Making fool of YouTubers

If we talk about the need for management, all I can say is, what management? Uploading a video is all that is required. That is not rocket science. If we talk about brand collaborations they will get you. You will get those even without them too.

I shared my fair amount of time on this platform and I can tell you this with 100% assurance. Brands will find you themselves. They have whole other organizations for this purpose only. They pay people to find creators and brands and act as a coordinating partner. You don’t have to worry about that. More than fifty companies like that have a contract with me. Brands reach the coordinators, those coordinators reach us. We just play along.

MCN has nothing to do with any of this. Their “helping with strikes” option might be to your liking. Let me tell you something, even if you get a strike, YouTube itself is not a monster that will not hear you. If you write a proper complaint yourself, They will surely consider it. If they can’t, then even the MCN cant help you with anything. They basically just want a bite from the food that you earned.

They have too many clients for such a small team that you will get old and your teeth will be falling but they will not pick up the call. They talk about one-to-one contracts, it’s actually one to a hundred, and that one is not interested in helping you anyway. So don’t be fooled, stay safe, stay happy, and upload a video daily.

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