Meta Verified: Ensuring Authenticity and Trust on Instagram and Facebook in India

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Meta Verified: Ensuring Authenticity and Trust on Instagram and Facebook in India

Meta Verified: Ensuring Authenticity and Trust on Instagram and Facebook in India

Meta, the parent company of popular social media platforms Instagram and Facebook, has launched a paid verification service called “Meta Verified” in India. Users can obtain a blue tick with this service, indicating the authenticity and verification of their accounts. The paid verification service provides additional benefits such as enhanced security, customer service support, and access to special stickers. In this article, we will go over the specifics of Meta’s paid verification service and how users can obtain the coveted blue tick.

Meta launched its paid verification service in February of this year, initially in Australia and New Zealand. Following its success, the service was extended to the United Kingdom on March 16 and to Canada on March 31. Indian users can now use this service on both Instagram and Facebook.

Meta Verified

Meta Verified fees

To obtain the blue tick on Instagram and Facebook, Android and iOS users in India must pay a monthly fee of Rs 699. Meta has also stated that it plans to launch the verified service for desktop users in the near future for Rs 599 per month. The subscription model guarantees ongoing access to the verification badge and its associated features.

Meta Verified

The Process for Meta Verification:

1. Eligibility

Users must be 18 years of age or older to use the Meta Verified service, ensuring a level of maturity and responsibility among verified account holders.

2. Account Center Approach

To begin the verification process, users must go to the account centre within the Instagram or Facebook app. The “Meta Verified” option will appear in the profile. If the option is not immediately visible, users should update the app and wait for a short period of time until the feature becomes available.

3. Government ID Verification

Facebook and Instagram users will need to verify their accounts with a government ID card in order to obtain a verified account. The information on the government ID should match the profile name and photo of the Facebook or Instagram account being verified. This ensures the account’s authenticity and prevents impersonation.

4. Payment

After completing the above-mentioned verification steps, users must complete the payment process to obtain the verification service and the associated blue tick.

Facebook paid verification

Benefits of Meta Verification

In addition to the blue tick, users who pay for the verification service gain access to additional features. These include an additional layer of security to protect their accounts, dedicated customer service support for immediate assistance, and special stickers that can be used to enhance posts and stories.

There is no limit to earning at least Rs 550 on each reel on Instagram.

Instagram paid verification

According to Meta, there will be no changes to the status of “legacy verified” accounts. Users who already have a verified account will not be required to make any payments or go through the new verification process.

Meta’s launch of the paid verification service, Meta Verified, on Instagram and Facebook in India allows users to obtain the prestigious blue tick and access exclusive features. While the service comes at a monthly cost, it provides enhanced security, customer care support, and creative options through special stickers. As the digital landscape evolves, paid verification has become a status symbol of authenticity and recognition in the modern era of social media.

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