Most Expensive Mask Philips

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Most Expensive Mask Philips that worth rupees 7000

If we had a discussion about wearing masks before the pandemic. People will mock you, by saying, are you going to perform surgery? despite the fact that most the Indian cities are on the list of the most polluted cities in the world.  According to this list, the top four polluted cities are New Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, and Faridabad. Pollution is a completely different issue, but in this country, people were unaware of the importance of masks.

However, many people still believed that wearing a mask in public is unrealistic. Even if you cover your face with a mask and continue to go out in public or to work while you are sick, people will be puzzled. Simply because we did not come from a culture where wearing masks was valued. Wearing a mask was still considered taboo at the time.

However, after the pandemic, everything changes so quickly that the Indian government ordered every single person to wear a mask. We can see that mask sales have increased rapidly over the last four years. Aside from that, the practice of putting on a mask has spread throughout Indian society. If you go out in public wearing a mask now, surprisingly, you won’t get any strange looks.


Cost of Philips Mask

I’d like to ask you a question: how much do you think a mask is worth? You should have no trouble finding a mask for between five and twenty rupees. However, what is the maximum amount of money that can be spent on a mask? It’s possible that some will say 100, while others will say 300, and still, maybe others will say 2,000, which most people would consider extremely expensive.

However, will you be willing to spend Rs. 7,000 on a mask? Yes, you did read it correctly. The brand new Philips Mask is available for 7000 rupees.

Today, we’ll talk about the most expensive mask available in India. which is none other than the Philips mask, which can be purchased for around 7000 rupees.

Masks are commonly used to protect against harmful viruses and pollution in today’s world. But, if we’re being completely serious, the Most Expensive Mask Philips costs 7000 rupees, which is a substantial sum of money. Despite this, the cost of treating COVID-19 patients may not exceed 7000 rupees. Even being unable to wear a mask will lead to a fine of around 2,000 rupees. You did not make a mistake when you read that; a mask worth rupees 7000 rupees, exists.


Unique Features of Most Expensive Mask Philips

  1. This Most Expensive Mask Philips can be cleaned in the washing machine. Featuring a layered defense system of four levels.
  2. There will be some sort of filter in place.
  3. There will be a miniature fan located on the inside. This indicates that the tiny fan will be used to assist in the inhalation and exhalation of the breath. This teeny-tiny fan can be removed from its housing. The company asserts that they have developed an innovative breathing fan that is currently on the market.
  4. You will also receive a micro USB data cable with your purchase, which will allow you to charge this compact fan.


My Opinion on Most Expensive Mask Philips

  • Usage of plastic amount in packaging

Most Expensive Mask Philips
Most Expensive Mask Philips

It’s unclear to me why Philips decided to create this mask in the first place. You will receive a miniature mask inside a large box. This packaging contains a significant amount of plastic in its construction. 

Using this much plastic in this packaging is undoubtedly harmful to the environment. For this particular packaging, the price would have been close to three hundred rupees.

  • Mouth-steamed on eyeglasses

Most Expensive Mask Philips
Most Expensive Mask Philips

It is common for individuals who wear glasses with masks to experience freezing mouth steam on their glasses. When I tried on this mask while wearing glasses, I noticed that steam from my mouth continued to escape through the glasses.

You continue to get steam from your mouth into your eyeglasses despite spending a lot of money on a working miniature fan to put under your Most Expensive Mask Philips. After paying 7000 rupees. I can’t make head or tail of why my breath is misting the glasses.

  • Feels heavy on the Face due to the fan

Most Expensive Mask Philips
Most Expensive Mask Philips

When I wore this mask on my face, as you can see in the video that I uploaded on YouTube. It didn’t cover a large part of my face. The weight of the fan is causing it to fall. When worn, this mask gives the impression of being quite heavy.

Most Expensive Mask Philips
Most Expensive Mask Philips

My face is too big for this mask, and I can feel it slipping down my face as I move. Furthermore, my face is not particularly small; in fact, it is comparable to the average person’s face size. Perhaps they intended to make a comfortable mask, but it is falling off the face because it is too large for the face.

  • Feel Suffocated without a fan

This fan is going to operate on three different levels. In addition to that, it was very healthy for one’s respiratory system. Nevertheless, if I continue to use this mask after the fan has been turned off, I won’t be able to breathe normally. I feel like I’m going to pass out.

  • Expensive maintenance

Most Expensive Mask Philips
Most Expensive Mask Philips

This mask is made up of two independent parts. The first layer is a white one, and it needs to be replaced every two weeks. This piece of the white inner mask is worth three hundred rupees. which, once again, is completely unreasonable.

  • Unreasonable pricing

If I’m being completely honest, the company is attempting to dupe you, and in my opinion, they are succeeding. A face mask for 7000 rupees is prohibitively expensive. The fact that there is a fan, which is obviously a plus, is offset by the extremely high price.

Final Verdict

To protect yourself, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a mask because you can use any mask, but you should not waste your money on this unnecessary, most Expensive Mask Philips. A surgical mask can be easily purchased for between three and four rupees. Even the N95 mask will set you back about 250 rupees.

If you buy this mask by any chance, You will be trapped in the cycle of continuously changing its filter. Due to the fact that this inner while mask is need to be changed every two weeks.

Proceed with the purchase only if you are flooded with cash; otherwise, listen to my advice and save your money.

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