PMO Narendra Modi’s account hacked!

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PMO Narendra Modi’s account hacked

The prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi Twitter account has fallen prey to a hacker. It has been secured after it was briefly hacked on early Sunday. The hashtag “#hackedbegan” was on trending over social media. Narendra Modi’s account hacked which has over 73 million followers on Twitter was being used by the hacker to post several tweets claiming (image of the tweet) “India has officially adopted bitcoin as legal tender.

The now-deleted tweet stated, “The government has formally purchased 500 BTC and is giving them to all citizens of the country.

The account was restored soon after this incident and the government requested to ignore everything that was posted in that brief amount of time. One might wonder if it was really hacked or just a publicity stunt or something beyond our imagination. Although, it’s fun to think that it was actually hacked.

The thing to be concerned about it is if the PMO’s account is not safe, then who is me and you to talk about security? We may not be able to stop such a skilled hacker but there are a few steps to help prevent such actions in the future.

God forbid, but if someday you land up in the same situation where your Twitter account is hacked, it is likely that your other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have been compromised as well.

PMO Narendra Modi’s account hacked!

There are three things you can do about this if your account hacked:-

  • Two-step verification

If you(or the hacker) try to login into another device then you will get an OTP on your mobile number so you can proceed. Without the OTP the access will be denied. You can use that feature through your settings option inside the app.

  • Use a security key

You can always find a key in the market easily such as “yubico” or “titan”. No one can log into your device without that key. It generally comes like a pen drive or NFC. If you are a YouTuber or influencer then it is highly recommendable for you to use this.

Especially if it says “HTTP” instead of “https”. Make sure you notice such details before clicking on anything.

All that is left to say is.. stay safe, be careful, and ignore the tweets of PM.

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