Why do you need these government apps on your phone?

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Why do you need these government apps on your phone

Why do you need these government apps on your phone?

We all know how important it is to keep any document together in today’s world but carrying these documents with you at all times is an entirely different task. Maybe you’ve lost your wallet as many times as I have, but I got lucky and found it. But we’re sure you’ve encountered this issue at some point in your life. Then I learned that carrying my documents everywhere was not necessary. Who would go around these government offices copying cards?

However, plans have been put in place to prevent this from happening again. The solution is to use government apps to store important documents such as your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and Aadhaar. You can also take advantage of a variety of government programs.

In our country, if you stand at any fork in the road, you will hear people complaining about the government and claiming that the government does not provide any information. There is no plan and many more. Have you ever asked them if they’ve heard of or used apps like DigiLocker, mParivahan, and UMANG? The answer will be very interesting. The government has made many apps available to the general public that you can use on a daily basis to eliminate unnecessary hassles.



Aadhaar has now become the foundation of life, and having a digital base has become necessary in some ways. You can download and keep your Aadhaar card on mAadhaar, and you can download up to 5 Aadhaar cards on one account. This means the foundation for gathering the entire family in one place. To use the app, you must first create a password, after which you can perform a variety of Aadhaar-related tasks. You can download and print your lost Aadhaar card from this page.

This government app also allows you to update your email and mobile number, and it provides information about nearby Aadhaar centers. KYC (Know Your Customer) is almost always required nowadays. Especially in the banking industry. E-KYC can be generated without the use of paper. To update the new address, you must either ask for the PIN or verify the address. You can complete all of your tasks using this government app. For your convenience, mAadhar is currently available in 13 languages. If you are confused, you can solve your problem by using a chatbot.



On mParivahan, you will find answers to all of your vehicle-related questions. Download the mParivahan app from the Ministry of Transport, Government of India, and you will no longer need to carry the vehicle’s documents with you. This government app is available in ten languages, including Hindi and English. You can virtually save your driver’s license on the app.

You must enter your driver’s license information, such as your license number and date of birth, into the app. After entering the OTP, your virtual driving license will be generated, which is valid everywhere, just like your physical driving license. Save this virtual driver’s license in the app. Show it to the traffic cop if he ever requests an investigation. You can also check your vehicle registration information using the mParivahan app. Aside from that, documents pertaining to the vehicle’s insurance, tax, and pollution (PUC) can be found within this government app.

It is also automatically updated every year when new insurance and PUC are created. Is there any tax due on the vehicle, and how many challans do you have? This government app contains all of the information. Here you will also find the location of the nearest RTO office and PUC center. In an emergency, you can use this app to call an ambulance and notify your loved ones, provided you have updated the phone number and name of your loved ones in the profile.



Why do you need these government apps on your phone?
Why do you need these government apps on your phone?

You got rid of your vehicle and driving license papers with mParivahan, but DigiLocker can get rid of a lot more. It’s obvious from the name. DigiLocker saves all of your information in the same way that a bank locker does.

The DigiLocker app has a menu called Issued Documents where you can store various documents such as a driver’s license, a PAN card, an Aadhaar card, and a board mark sheet. Before you can download, you must first create an account on DigiLocker, which is simple to do. You will have to go through this process the first time you open DigiLocker, but only once.

The Central Government has 27 departments, including Income Tax, PF, and Skill India. The State Government is divided into 36 departments. DigiLocker contains information and documents for over 250 programs, including LIC and Defense. Corona Vaccine Certificate is essential nowadays. You can now download it by visiting the health department section. Aside from that, click on any department’s document and download it on the app by providing the requested information. Before you can download, you must first create an account on DigiLocker, which is simple to do.

All of these “Issued Documents” are valid everywhere, according to the IT Act of 2000. Remember that only “Issued Documents” are valid. DigiLocker, like Google Drive, allows you to store scanned documents. However, they will not be accepted. Verified by DigiLocker is written on “Issued Documents,” which you can share in PDF format with anyone. you’ll conjointly like it better to delete the document. If you have changed something in the document, you can easily create a new one by refreshing it.



Why do you need these government apps on your phone?
Why do you need these government apps on your phone?

The document issue has been resolved. Let us now discuss how to learn about government schemes. The UMANG app is the best place to learn about the majority of the government’s schemes. This government app is currently available in 13 languages.

To use this government app, you must first create an account, just like with DigiLocker. You will then be ready to use this app. You can also pay bills and file complaints about them directly from the UMANG app. Work related to PF, such as checking your passbook or adding an Aadhaar number, is completed here. You can also process your PF advance from this page. The UMANG app provides access to 21815 services from the Central and State Governments.

All information and videos about the government’s flagship programs, such as Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, and Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, are available here. You can also check and apply to see if you are eligible for these schemes. You can also view information on all of the schemes by categories, such as Farmer, Health, Youth Skill, Women, and Children. You can speak with the expert directly or contact customer service. You will also find a service similar to Jeevan Pramaan here, where you can download your Digital Life Certificate.

If you are only interested in the schemes related to your state, you can narrow your search by selecting your state on the right side of the menu. The UMANG app has a spotless user interface. That it is simple to use. The government apps are also updated on a regular basis, which results in the addition of new schemes. Co-Win was only recently added to this app. Another unique feature of the UMANG app is that it integrates with DigiLocker. That is, you can use two apps at the same time.



Why do you need these government apps on your phone?
Why do you need these government apps on your phone?

If you want to communicate with the government directly, the myGOV app is for you. Everything is available here, whether it is a blog about how the government works or a poll. The top five icons on the main screen contain a wealth of information. You can make recommendations to the government. What should be discussed in Mann Ki Baat, for example, or what other new services should be added to the UMANG app?

Many quizzes are also available in the myGOV app, where you can participate and win prizes. By going to the podcast, you can listen to programs about the Prime Minister and all of the well-known writers, artists, and authors and their books.

In the account section, you can also view your points or badges earned by taking quizzes or participating in innovation challenges. How is the performance of any government scheme? This is also visible in the performance dashboard. Talking can also be done using the companion app’s chatbot. Which government appointments have been made? You can also find its address in the account’s “Work At MyGov” section.

The central and state governments, by the way, have made many more government apps available. You are free to download them as needed.

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