Never search for these 3 things in India

Never search for these 3 things in India

We guys love to search for a lot of things on Google. Sometimes it could be very important. Or sometimes it could just be a bunch of junk questions. But never search for these 3 things in India. However, we have mentioned some of the things that, if you search for them on Google, will lead you to jail.


1. Child Pornography

Never search for these words or any words related to these words. It increases the mentality toward crime against children. Security agencies track all these things all the time, and if they find anyone searching for these words, your location will be tracked automatically.

A case will be filed against you and lead you to jail for at least 5-7 years. Never search for child pornography involving words.


2. How to Make a Bomb

Making a bomb is a form of terrorism. We guys simply don’t need to do any searching for this, so we don’t have to use these words. Any word related to these words can lead you to years of trouble. Don’t search, share, or like anything regarding this matter.


3. Gender Identification Test

Gender determination may be quite common in other countries. They even hold a function where they reveal a child’s gender before birth. Where they can plan accordingly if it is a boy or a girl. They become content with whatever child they are given. But that’s not the case for India. Sadly, people in India do the Gender Determination test to just know if they are going to have a boy or not. If they are going to have a girl, they will abort their child.

Gender determination tests and abortions based on gender are both illegal in India. If you search for any word related to this matter, the police can track you and lock you down in jail. These are all really sensitive matters, especially for India. So never Google these things if you don’t want to be a guest of the police. Thank you for reading the article “Never search for these 3 things in India” by Technical Dost.


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