The Ascender is the first robot vacuum that can go up and down stairs.

The Ascender is the first robot vacuum that can go up and down stairs.

Robot vacuums have changed the way people clean, but they have never been able to clean stairs. But Migo Robotics’s ground-breaking Ascender is said to be the first robot vacuum that can safely move up and down stairs and clean them. This possible game-changer has gotten a lot of attention because it can do something that most autonomous cleaners haven’t been able to do: get past a limit that has been a death trap for them in the past.


Evolution of Robot Vacuums

Early robot vacuums didn’t do what they said they would do, which was to make cleaning up a thing of the past. The battery life, suction power, and guidance left a lot to be desired. But as technology has improved, robots can now find their way around obstacles, charge themselves automatically, empty their own trash cans, and even clean floors.

Even with all of these improvements, robot vacuums still can’t safely move from one floor to another or up and down stairs. Even though they had safety measures like edge detection, many Robovacs died when they fell down flights of stairs. Migo Robotics and the Ascender, which it made, are aware of this problem.

The Ascender isn’t just another robot; it’s a big step forward in cleaning technology. It doesn’t change direction or give up when it comes to a set of stairs. Instead, it uses legs that can be moved to lift the body of the Robovac onto the step, turning it back into the familiar shape of a robot vacuum. With wheels that can go in any direction, it can move and clean each step without having to turn. This keeps happening until the Ascender gets to the next floor. It would almost certainly be able to go downstairs with the same kind of device.

The Ascender is the first robot vacuum that can go up and down stairs.
The Ascender is the first robot vacuum that can go up and down stairs.

Capabilities and Features

The Migo Robotics website doesn’t go into a lot of detail, but the Ascender is supposed to use LiDAR scanners to map rooms, track cleaned areas, plan efficient routes, and let users set up no-go zones through a companion mobile app. Aside from saying it can clean up to 5,167 square feet of floors, there is no other information about battery life or runtime. But it’s important to remember that the energy needed to climb stairs may shorten the battery’s life.

           The Ascender is a robot cleaner that could be a major step forward in technology. Its ability to move up and down stairs and clean them could change the way we clean our homes. Even though we don’t know exactly what the Ascender can do or how well it works yet, the idea of a robot vacuum that can climb stairs is exciting. As the release date gets closer and more information comes out, it will be interesting to see if the Ascender lives up to its promises and lives up to its potential as a robot vacuum game-changer.

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