New YouTube phishing attack: Do not click on the policy mail on YouTube

New YouTube phishing attack: Do not click on the policy mail on YouTube

YouTube’s policy has changed. Many significant changes in its monetization policies will take effect immediately.

If you receive such an email from YouTube (YouTube Phishing E-mail), simply ignore it. This is huge. This email that arrived in your inbox is extremely dangerous and could cause you significant harm. This has been warned about by technology experts.

Technical Dost will guide you about the New YouTube phishing attacks.

What is this YouTube Phishing E-mail?

Cybercriminals’ antics continue unabated. Almost every day, there is a report of someone becoming trapped in their trap. Their new target is YouTube. According to reports, cybercriminals have accessed the YouTube app’s data. By sending emails in the name of the policy, there is a complete plan for scandal. Kevin Breez, a well-known tech expert, discovered the forgery first. He also shared a screenshot of it on Twitter. Kevin stated,

“Attention, hijackers are spoofing YouTube emails. This is a very serious matter. Don’t fall for it.”

YouTube wrote in response to Kevin Brees’ tweet,

“We have received reports that attempts are being made to trap people using YouTube email. Please be cautious and do not click on any links or download anything.”

YouTube has also provided some advice on how to avoid phishing with it.

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