Now get a taxi using WhatsApp

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Now get a taxi using WhatsApp

Now get a taxi using WhatsApp

What a refreshing change it would be if I could just use WhatsApp to order a cab instead of downloading an app. This would be a huge improvement. Yes, you read that right: Whatsapp has a way to help you streamline your trip planning. The Uber app has been integrated into the WhatsApp mobile app, allowing users to request rides without leaving the app. The residents of Delhi were also pleased to see Uber arrive.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app. Most mobile phones will be able to access this. Without any extra apps, booking a taxi using WhatsApp might be a quick and easy process. Most Uber users will benefit from this new option.


WhatsApp users can call Uber through the app

Now you can schedule an Uber ride through the instant messaging service WhatsApp. Although this service has been around for some time, it wasn’t until recently that it became accessible to people in Delhi. In December of 2021, the year before 2022, Uber made this feature available to the public. At first, the only people who were able to take advantage of this service were those who lived in Lucknow. Yet, as of right this minute, locals in Delhi will have the same option available to them.

In order to request an Uber ride or taxi using WhatsApp, simply send the word “Hi” to the company’s official number, which is +91 7292000002. Listed here is the legit contact info for the business. The following is a very specific request. To use WhatsApp, you must have a mobile device. Once the first step, titled “Hello,” has been completed, you will be given the option to change the language for the remaining steps.


Uber believes WhatsApp bookings are secure

Next, you’ll be able to choose a pickup spot convenient for you. You will not be able to use your phone until you enable the location permission if it is currently disabled. As with the pickup, you’ll be asked to specify a drop-off location after first doing so. Travel costs will be discussed in greater detail during this conversation. The company claims that if you book a taxi using WhatsApp, you will receive the same level of protection as if you booked through their dedicated app. You will have access to safety features like masked numbers and emergency contacts in case of an emergency during your ride.

Now get a taxi using WhatsApp
Now get a taxi using WhatsApp

Uber India’s 2022 yearly booking report

More recently related to this topic is the announcement that Uber India has released its 2022 annual booking report. The people of Delhi and the surrounding National Capital Region (Delhi-NCR) have won again, according to this report. 4.5 billion trips were taken with Uber in the United States, resulting in 450 crore kilometers of travel. In-kind donations from Delhi residents accounted for the bulk of this total. Now getting a taxi using WhatsApp is available to all users, regardless of when they first downloaded the app.

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