Does Sony NW-ZX700 Audio player in 2023 for ₹70,000 make sense?

Does Sony’s NW-ZX700 Audio player in 2023 for ₹70,000 make sense?

The iPhone is so expensive that we never stop complaining, right? In any case, I couldn’t believe it when I saw the price tag on this Sony NW-ZX707 audio player. How can a music player cost so much? For the life of me, I can’t figure out how that could be possible. Who would pay that much money for a mare Audio Player when the average person can’t even afford to buy a phone?

Sony claims they were motivated to create NW-ZX700 by a desire to provide users with a premium audio experience. Their intended listeners are serious music fans who value sound quality above all else. How, exactly, do they recruit so many enthusiastic music fans? Who among us can tell the difference between these nitpicks? That’s right, we’re the ones who often mistake a cappuccino for a cafe late. Because taking “Banno tera Swagger” at face value is just too much for us, we’ve taken to singing “Banno tera sweater” instead.


Sony NW-ZX700 Features

The NW-ZX700 line employs the same cutting-edge technologies found in the flagship “WM1” model, including oxygen-free copper cutting blocks, large coils, gold-added high-quality solder, and high-capacity solid polymer capacitors. A high-end version with superior sound quality, the emotive power of fine sound, and booming bass. The high-performance full digital amplifier “S-Master HX” allows for high-resolution playback, and the “DSD remastering engine” converts PCM sound sources into DSD signals equivalent to 11.2 MHz without altering any of the information in the original data. You can use the product with both of those functions.

There is just one NW-ZX707 model available among the options. NW-ZX700 model includes a 64GB hard drive, an HD (1,280 x 720 pixel) LCD screen, Bluetooth 5.0, an IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, and the main unit. It weighs about 227 grams, is colored black, and measures about 72.5 millimeters across, 16.9 millimeters thick, and 132.3 millimeters in height.

NW-A300 series is a small model with a 3.6-inch LCD screen. The “A” series, for the first time, uses the low-resistance battery found in the “ZX” series, which enhances the quality of the instrument and vocal sounds. The NW-A307 has 64GB of storage and the NW-A306 has 32GB; both have an IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 5.0, and a choice of three body colors (gray, blue, and black). Two models exist, and they have different capacities for storing data. It has a width of 56.5 millimeters, a depth of 11.8 millimeters, and a height of 98.4 millimeters and weighs around 113 grams.

Is Sony NW-ZX700 for you?

Professionals in this field would undoubtedly benefit from having access to this NW-ZX700 device, as they must be aware of these subtle distinctions in order to do their jobs effectively, but why would they do so when more advanced and expensive systems are readily available? 70,000 Indian Rupees is a lot of money, but I can’t imagine anyone buying a walkman for the sole purpose of listening to music. The quality of music is enhanced simply by using earphones or earbuds of a high enough standard. How one can walk around with two devices (one in each pocket) is also a mystery.

The return of the Walkman era would be welcome. Back in the day, we’d put on some tunes on the walkman and listen to them while we worked. But the price tag wasn’t quite so high back then. It has classic appeal and might be useful to have right now, but the price tag is too high. Sony is a well-respected brand; this is unexpected behavior.

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