Ola electric scooters are not for Earth

Ola Electric Scooters are not for Earth

Ola is getting into business and making electric scooters. But they forgot to make it in a safe way. A lot of accidents in recent days are witnesses to this. These accidents are not just causing injury to riders, but they are not giving service regarding this matter.


Ola Electric Scooters caught fire

Ola Electric management issued a statement after an S1 scooter caught fire in Pune on March 26.  CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said the company takes security very seriously and conducts an investigation.  The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has now written a letter to the Center for Fire Explosive and Environment Safety on the issue of fire in the e-scooter. 


Ola Electric Scooters automatic in reverse mode

Ola Electric Scooters’ problems do not appear to be ending. Earlier, we reported on encountering a glitch with the reverse mode feature of the Ola S1 Pro. Now, the owner of the electric scooter narrates how his scooter went into reverse mode, leading to the accident. 

Defining the incident, he said that the scooter was parked before the incident took place. On taking the electric scooter out of the parking lot, on acceleration, the scooter went into reverse mode. The scratches on the body of the electric scooter had not been repaired at the time of delivery. The rider suffered minor injuries during the incident, which he described as scratches.


Ola Electric Scooters Bad Service

Following the incident, the owner called Ola Electric’s roadside assistance, which give the answer after waiting seven minutes. Responding to the SOS, the company said that the issue would be resolved in the next two hours.

They didn’t resolve the problem, even after 48 hours. After a week, Ola Electric grabbed the scooter and returned it. The scratches on the body of the electric scooter had not been repaired at the time of delivery.

As a result, the owner contacted the company once again, and customer service apologized. He claimed that his scooter was provided by the crew by mistake. Lastly, there is no communication between the different agencies. Finally, the scooter was returned to the owner, and Ola employees said that the problem was resolved.

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