Old MI phone users will be disappointed with this news

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Bad news for old MI phone users

Old MI phone users will be disappointed with this news

Xiaomi has added several smartphones and tablets to its end-of-support (EOS) list. The Chinese smartphone maker regularly adds comparably old devices to this list. However, the EOS list differs from Apple’s “obsolete” or “vintage” list. Devices added to this list stop receiving firmware or software updates. The company also claims that the smartphones and tablets included in the EOS list may also not respond to security updates that often patch dangerous vulnerabilities. Let’s know with Technical Dost why Old MI phone users will be disappointed with this news.

Typically, Xiaomi provides up to two years of software updates and up to three years of security updates for its devices in its local market and other regions around the world. Looking at the number of devices that Xiaomi launches every year, this number seems quite reasonable. It is, however, not the greatest in the industry. Recently, the company has promised long-term support for some of its flagship devices.

Earlier, reports suggested that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 series would not receive the MIUI 13 update. The corporation has now announced that the lineup will be included in the EOS list as well. Here we have mentioned all the latest additions to the EOS list of the company.

  • Xiaomi Redmi K20
  •  Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S
  •  Redmi Note 7
  • Xiaomi Redmi 7
  • Redmi Y3
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus
  • Mi Pad 4
  • Mi Play
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

Xiaomi EOS smartphones are available in India.

The Redmi K20 and Redmi Note 7 series smartphones are the only ones available in India among the models mentioned above. These devices are still available in the country, and it has been more than two years since they were launched. These devices will no longer receive any more MIUI updates, and the company has also claimed to have stopped beta development on these phones. However, it is important to note that if a serious security vulnerability is detected, Xiaomi will push an update to the device to fix the problem, even if the device is added to the EOS list.

Old MI phone users will be disappointed with this news.

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