6 Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s Day couples arrest

Once February 14th rolls around, all thoughts turn to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The weeklong celebration begins on February 7th, and these days are especially meaningful for couples. And some couples prefer to spend their quality time together alone in a hotel room or Oyo. However, there are some very important Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s Day that you should be aware of.

In search of a romantic getaway, couples may look for lodgings such as OYOs or hotels. I imagine they both must be nervous and excited. Many young couples are either completely unaware or only partially informed. 

I’d like to inform them of some recent developments at the hotel and some Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s day. Before you go and find the hotel, check out this article.

What is the one question that everyone is afraid to ask? How do the laws in our country treat unmarried couples staying in hotels together?

Therefore, the correct answer is that there is no law in the country that prohibits a hotel from accepting an unmarried couple. A couple may or may not be allowed to check in at the hotel. No law enforcement official has the authority to speak to you in such an inappropriate manner.

You are within your rights to do so as long as your actions do not violate the law.

Do hotels in India allow unmarried couples?

Oyo safety tips on Valentine's Day
Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s Day

However, despite this, some couples are still arrested on a regular basis as the Indian police attempt to stamp out prostitution in the country. The burden of proof will be heavy if you visit an OYO where all these activities occur, and you are caught.

The police may request that you contact your loved ones in such a case. In fact, they will only get worse from here on out. In this case, it is important to let loved ones know where you will be and when you expect to return. Things will improve.

Aside from that, if you’re over the age of 18, the police cannot and will not make you contact your parents. If the police learn that such activities are taking place at this hotel, they will conduct raids. In Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s day, avoid being caught without cause In any case, the police only want what’s best for you.

Point to be Noted

In Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s day, there is an important point. The question now is, what exactly should you be paying attention to?

You need to be mindful of the rating of the hotel or Oyo that you stay in on Valentine’s Day, whether you stay at an Oyo or a hotel. Follow these Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s day. Look carefully at what other people have said about them. Investigate especially critical reviews of products or services very thoroughly.

Oyo safety tips on Valentine's Day
Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s Day
  1. Don’t find a hotel near the Red light Area

If you have the mistaken impression that the hotel in question is frequented by prostitutes because of the proximity of such establishments. If you do not want to go through this, you should not go through it. At all costs, avoid going anywhere near that area.

2. Try any four- or five-star hotel or well-known hotel.

You could check into any reputable hotel with four or five stars, or you could try any well-known hotel. Going through them is by far the most secure option. because it is inconceivable that something like that could exist.

3. Check Hidden Cam

Stay away from cheap and nasty hotels where there is no way to tell how nice they are, where there is no guarantee of your safety here in Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s Day, and where there is nobody to ask. Small, independent hotels often have hidden cameras as well.

However, because such incidents have the potential to damage the reputations of large hotels,  such incidents are extremely likely to happen in these kinds of hotels.

Upon arrival, it is important that you check the security features of the hotel, such as the cameras, and you can find both an article and a video that goes into greater detail on this topic on our website.

4. Self-clean served glasses

Even if you plan to stay at the hotel, you should steer avoid drinking the water that is served in the glasses there. Because proper hygiene is absolutely necessary, you need to wash those glasses or wipe them down with a tissue. Either the right way up or the wrong way up is acceptable for drinking from the water bottle depending on your preference.

It is also essential to do everything by hand when it comes to cleaning. There is a lack of attention paid to hygienic standards at that location because it is not expected that the staff will clean properly.

From this viewpoint, it may appear completely clean, but it may be unclean and unsanitary. Maintain a clean environment. From the standpoint of the hotel, this is a critical issue.

5. Order food from Swiggy and Zomato

The following material will be entirely devoted to the topic of food. Both Zomato and Swiggy provide the option to have food delivered to your hotel room. However, the high cost of food is charged by hotels, and sometimes it tastes not good. 

You should be aware that a hotel cannot prohibit guests from bringing their own food into the Hotel because doing so is illegal. So you can order food from Zomato and Swiggy and have it delivered to your room. No hotel can prohibit this, and it is one way to save money.

6. Many hotel toilets sinks lack a “jet spray”,

The next point that will be discussed is also extremely important. The Indian population, in particular, has the greatest capacity for comprehension. Didn’t you just see a jet spray? In many hotels, the toilet lacks a “jet spray,” which is a type of high-pressure water sprayer.

If you would rather not use toilet paper, another option is to bring along a portable jet spray, which can be purchased from retailers such as Amazon. Before you check into the hotel, you need to make sure that there is a jet spray facility available there for you to use.

Finally, keep in mind the points that have been made. Staying in inexpensive motels and guesthouses is something you should try to avoid. As soon as you are able to, communicate your situation to the people you care about. On the holiday of Valentine’s Day, make sure you read the following Oyo safety tips on Valentine’s day. Now that you’ve got everything you need, get out there and have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

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