Pathan Movie Review by a Tech YouTuber

Pathan Movie Review by a Tech YouTuber

Shahrukh Khan typically provides Bollywood with a blog buster. Pathan, another of his films, has just hit movie theaters. The public was eagerly anticipating Shahrukh Khan’s return in the new film.

There has been a recent trend toward boycotting the Pathan movie, however, and this has caused a great deal of controversy. But that’s not a topic for discussion here. We’ll discuss whether or not this film is worthwhile. Or, whether you should watch it or not.

If I’m being completely honest, I really wanted to see this movie. The reason is, this film is opening in IMAX and ICE theaters exclusively. For those of you who are unfamiliar with w X and ICE theatre, here is some background.


What is ICE theatre?

Theaters that offer the full-immersion Cinematic Experience are known as ICE theaters. The unique ICE THEATER side panels, which are set up along each side of the auditorium, create a breathtaking visual environment through the use of a wide range of vivid colors and geometric patterns. The ambient images created by the side panels are timed to the film, so you get a truly unique sensory experience that doesn’t detract from or overpower the main attraction.

Having a good sound system is crucial. The ICE THEATER’s technology consists of fifty-two sound generators, fifty-three speakers, and thirty-five amplifiers. This state-of-the-art sound system not only lets you pick up on the subtlest of sounds, but also provides an unparalleled listening experience.

The projector in ICE THEATER is one of the most cutting-edge in the world, with a maximum brightness of 60,000 lumens and the ability to display nine primary colors. The picture quality is truly exceptional, and the 3D effect is much more lifelike, thanks to the colors and brightness.

Pathan Movie Review by a Tech YouTuber
Pathan Movie Review by a Tech YouTuber

What is IMAX theatre?

Film codecs, projectors, and other cinematic hardware are all products of IMAX, a company that specializes in producing high-definition optics. The term will be used to describe the act of watching a movie as well as the movie itself. There is a noticeable difference between a standard movie theater auditorium and a luxury movie theater auditorium, most notably in the screen size and the overall size of the theater.

Moreover, IMAX places loudspeakers behind the screen and perpetually rotates the stadium seating to face the taller screen, ensuring that all customers have a good view. Lastly, original 70mm film prints from IMAX offer the most pristine picture quality currently on the market.

Pathan Movie Review by a Tech YouTuber

Let’s back to Pathan Movie Review

Now, the topic turned to Shahrukh Khan’s latest film, Pathan Movie Review. The benefits of seeing this film in a theater include an unforgettable experience. The fight scenes are spectacular and epic in scope, and you will enjoy them immensely. These filming locations are spectacular. All of the actors put in stellar performances and the film also features some truly stunning visuals. Both the hero and the villain have their own ideologies, and we will be persuaded by their actions.

However, if I focus on the negatives. This movie is a letdown because it lacks a proper plot. Like always, there is a villain who plans to destroy the world, and our hero must stop him using only physical action.

However, I’ve noticed that this film’s antagonist is significantly more strong than in any other Bollywood movie. However, there is a scene in this film that does not stay true to any rules of logic.

Pathan Movie Review by a Tech YouTuber

Should you watch this movie?

Well, if you ask me if I think you should see this film, I’ll tell you that it’s up to you. If you’re a fan of Shahrukh Khan, you should watch this movie because you’ll love it.

You can not take your kids to see this film worrying about them being exposed to any inappropriate content. But if you prefer more serious films and are easily offended by inconsistencies in logic, you should pass on this one. Also, if you’re the critical-thinking type who prefers films like Lunch Box, you probably shouldn’t watch this film. This film serves no purpose other than to provide an enjoyable diversion; viewers should go to it expecting nothing more than to be entertained before returning home.

However, if you are the type of person who appreciates artistic filmmaking, you should avoid this film. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy this illogical film in which people just dance in between.

Pathan Movie Review by a Tech YouTuber

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