Pegasus spyware: Smartphone hacked by a missed call

Pegasus spyware: Smartphone hacked by a missed call | Now Be more careful while receiving calls!

iPhone or Android, your phone can get hacked by just a missed call. It’s not a bluff. Over 300 celebrities have fallen victim to this trick already because of this Pegasus spyware. Around 40 of the themes are journalists. Ironic right? The authorities are checking but the government has raised its hands saying no such thing exists. The fact is, it does. Read more about Smartphone hacked by a missed call/ Pegasus

It’s called Pegasus spyware, a software made in 2016 in Israel for cyber security to spy on people. Soon they realized that this software is very dangerous because it doesn’t even have to get installed. They found loopholes to attack both android and iPhone to hack and spy. Your contacts, gallery, media, and even camera will not be in your control anymore.

How does Pegasus spyware work

It attacks phones by going through their mail or by a missed call on WhatsApp. There is no action required from your side to hacking your phone. How to prevent this? Well, we can’t do shit about this. I know it’s sad. The most you can do is patch updates and not install unnecessary apps outside of the google play store.

It is suggested to not click on random links as well. Although the software was made in 2016, its usage is strictly limited to government agencies. A lot of permissions, license, and a big amount of money is required to be able to have that software. Which is a little relieving, not any random person can do this. Unless government really likes you and wants to see if you are cheating it with someone else, you are safe from this Pegasus spyware.

So stay happy. Stay healthy and delete your nudes.

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