Revealing Apple Decoy Effect Strategy: The 10,000 Rupee Dilemma

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Revealing Apple Decoy Effect Strategy: The 10,000 Rupee Dilemma

Revealing Apple Decoy Effect Strategy: The 10,000 Rupee Dilemma

You walk into an Apple store with your eyes sparkling and your hands ready to grab the newest gadgets. You want the brand-new iPhone 14, but what’s this? The iPhone 14 Pro is right next to it and shines in a way that makes you want it. They almost look the same and have almost all the same features. What, though? Apple has a sneaky trick up its sleeve that could make you pull out your wallet and pay more money.


Get to know the Decoy Effect

The Decoy Effect is the name for this clever trick. It’s like when you’re trying to decide between two options and a third one comes along that makes one of the first two look like a much better deal. Isn’t that sneaky? In this case, Apple uses the Decoy Effect to make you think that the more expensive Pro version of the iPhone is a great deal.

Let’s take it apart. When it comes to features, the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro are almost identical. They both have the same super-duper processor, and amazing camera and can run all your favourite apps. But here’s the catch: the Pro version only has a slightly larger screen. Oh, and the price has gone up by about 10,000 rupees.


Why so many people believe it

Here’s where the magic starts to happen. You might think, “Hmm, should I spend that extra money?” for a moment when you see that the price difference is 10,000 rupees. But then Apple comes up with a solution. Even though you’re just paying for a little more screen space, they make the Pro version seem like a great deal.

Our brains aren’t always very logical, as you can see. We like to feel like our money is going as far as it can. So, when we see two pretty similar things, but one seems to give us a little more, our brain’s reward center does a happy dance. It says, “Hey, go for the bigger, better one!” Even if it’s just a little bit more screen, the feeling of getting more for your money is hard to resist.

Choosing Your Smartphone: iPhone or Samsung?

Apple is good at this dance. They know that most people will be hesitant at first, but this makes them happy. They want you to think, “Well, if I’m already spending so much, what’s a few more bucks for the Pro?” And just like that, you’re interested.

Remember the Decoy Effect the next time you have to choose between the regular iPhone and the Pro version. Think for a moment: Do you need that extra space on the screen? If the answer is “no,” stick to your guns and save that extra rupee for some cool apps or accessories.

Remember that it’s all about Choosing the Right iPhone for you and not falling for Apple’s trick. But hey, if you want a bigger screen, go for the Pro. Just make sure that you’re making that choice because it will help you, not just because your brain did a little victory dance when you thought of it.

So, that’s the story of how Apple uses a minor in Consumer Psychology to try to get you to buy the Pro version. Friends, stay smart!

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