Smart Socket allows other devices to become Smart

We all take pleasure in using various intelligent devices. When we turn around, we can’t help but notice all of the smart appliances. Because of this additional intelligent feature, we have to spend thousands of Rupees more. But if you ask me, spending your money on these high-tech appliances is not the best use of your resources.

To begin, it is necessary for us to comprehend the impact that this witty word has on our electronic devices. There are home appliances that can be controlled by your phone and others that have timers that can be set. Therefore, there is no real requirement for you to pay an additional fee just for this feature.

Even non-smart devices can be made intelligent with the help of Smart Socket. You can use your phone to control them, or you can manually set the timer.

For example, if it is a water motor and your mother is yelling at you to turn off the motor, all you have to do is give a command from your phone and the water motor will intelligently turn off, with the help of this socket. Let us get more information regarding this Smart Socket.

Smart Socket Design

It appears to be a standard wall outlet, complete with three pins, and it does so. It frequently takes on the appearance of white, but in reality, it can be found in a wide variety of colors. in addition to having the capacity to be turned off by pressing a button that is located on the side of the device.

Smart Socket allows other devices to become Smart
Smart Socket allows other devices to become Smart

Smart Socket Performance:

Because it is a wall socket that is enabled with Wi-Fi, The Socket possesses the ability to transform any standard device into a Wi-Fi-enabled smart device. This ability allows The Socket to be used in connecting with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

It is also capable to function as a remote control for other system components that are connected to it. Additionally, the device is compatible with both the Google Voice Assistant and Alexa. In addition to being compatible with the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi standard, sometimes the Smart Socket is also compatible with the 2G, 3G, and 4G network standards.

The manufacturer of the socket offers a smartphone application that is compatible with the device, and it is able to communicate with that application. Even though the connection is quick, it is possible that users who are accessing it for the first time will discover that it is a little bit difficult to navigate.

The program may also be able to control the external device that has been plugged into it. To elaborate, as long as the device is connected to the internet, the program can be used to turn it off or on from anywhere on the planet.

In addition, specific timers can be activated or deactivated through the use of the program as needed. When charging a mobile device like a smartphone or laptop. The timer is especially helpful because it prevents the device from being overcharged. And turns off the power supply once the timer has run out. This makes the timer one of the most useful features.

If the user’s mobile phone has been overcharged or if it is consuming an excessive amount of power, the application that is used for mobile phones will also emit an alarm and inform the user of the situation.

Because of this, all that is required of the user to turn off the Smart Socket is a single tap on the button. This follows logically and determinedly from the earlier point.

According to the information that was provided by the company that makes the Smart Socket, it is compatible with a wide variety of electronic devices. Such as televisions and electric stoves. Examples of this include the lighting in public areas and streets, as well as wet grinders, water coolers, air conditioners, and a variety of other similar appliances.

The price of a smart socket in India

Smart Socket allows other devices to become Smart
Smart Socket allows other devices to become Smart

This is a fantastic deal for you because you will not have to spend any money to obtain cutting-edge home appliances. The smart socket will be available for a starting price of 800 rupees when purchased from Amazon. Which is for sure less amount than what you pay for smart appliances.


  • There is support for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa digital assistants.
  • The timer function may prove to be useful at times.
  • It is easy to turn off and turn on when it is required.


  • To become knowledgeable about the application’s features, first-time users may have to overcome some learning challenges.
  • It may take some practice to become familiar with, and eventually understand, voice commands.


Smart Socket allows other devices to become Smart
Smart Socket allows other devices to become Smart

This deal is a phenomenal steal for you, considering that you will not have to spend any money to obtain cutting-edge home appliances.

This smart socket costs only Rs. 800, saving you the trouble and expense of purchasing other, more expensive smart accessories. By acting in this manner, you are making the wise decision to provide intelligence to your devices.

The Smart Socket is a remarkable piece of hardware that is of high quality and able to be regarded as an investment due to the many practical features it possesses. It is a product that brings us one step closer to realizing our dream of having a “Complete Smart Home.” 

This device possesses an incredibly helpful function known as a timer that can be used to prevent any other device from receiving an excessive amount of charge. You can use this timer to prevent any other device from getting overcharged.

Support for voice assistants could be easily added to the Smart Socket to give it an extra layer of intelligence. This would be accomplished by changing the product’s name to reflect the increased level of intelligence. It will be a far better solution than spending more money on the brand of smart appliances. To use the smart product, you must work smart.

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