Smartphone Covers Are Dangerous

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Smartphone Covers Are Dangerous

Our phones are precious to us. Most of our work, relationships, and social engagements are dependent on mobile phones. More intelligent phones are rapidly entering the market. Individual customers’ investments in smartphones are increasing. 

To save our smartphone from scratches and damage, we use a cover to protect it. But Smartphone Covers Are Dangerous, Technical Dost will tell you why.

Why Smartphone Covers Are Dangerous?

We never thought the back cover of our phone would cause damage to it. So we should know how to prevent our phones from being damaged. What steps should we take to keep the phone in good condition?

All the points listed below Smartphone Covers Are Dangerous to your phone’s life and performance.

1. Scratches on the Phone

We use a back cover to make our phone safe from scratches. But dirt can get stuck in the space between the phone and the case. Which causes scratches on the phone. 

2. Thickness Trouble

Due to the case cover or back cover, the phone’s thickness becomes a challenge in putting it in your pocket. This is really an unavoidable challenge with phone covers. 

3. Heating Issue

Like us, phones also need space to breathe. But phone covers did not let that happen. If we are not able to breathe, it can cause death. The same with the phone. We use our phones for gaming, watching movies, etc. Many times, we noticed the phone getting hot. One of the main reasons is that, due to the phone cover, the smartphone is not able to vent hot air out of the phone. 

A smartphone requires a temperature of between 5 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius to work and maintain its performance. 

4. Processor Dying

Every phone now comes with a lithium battery because the phones are slimmer. The phone got hot while using it on a continuous basis. Also, during charging, the phone makes it hot. 

This extra heat damages the phone. Several times, the phone suddenly gets off because of the heat. The back cover is not letting the heat out of the phone. The processor starts closing the app automatically. Clock speed is also reduced to a minimum. 

5. Do not use the Phone while Charging

Whenever your phone heats up, it starts to lower the performance of the processor. At the time of charging, the use of the phone makes it hotter, and the cover on that leaves no space to exit. 

6. Battery Life

The overheated battery also had an effect on battery life. You should remove the phone’s back cover at least once during gaming, watching movies, or charging. 

I suggest you not use your phone with a cover. Your phone is important to you and requires attention, not the back cover. Smartphone Covers Are Dangerous. The cover had an effect on battery life, charging speed, appearance, thickness, and signal strength. So the suggestion is mine, and the decision is entirely yours.

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