Dark reality of smartphone/gadget insurance

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The dark reality of smartphone/gadget insurance.

There are so many companies in the market like Syska and many more that claim to help you in time of need when your smartphone or gadget is broken or it is stolen by returning the amount you paid for them. The truth about them is it’s all a big fat lie. Read the full “Dark reality of smartphone/gadgets insurance” article to know more.

This smartphone/gadget insurance ranges from 4000-25000. Rupees. You need to get this smartphone insurance only under 15 days from the date of buying. They cover broken phones and stolen items but there are a lot of things these smartphone/gadget insurance companies don’t cover too. Once you learn about them, your roof will fly over your head.

Here is the Dark reality of smartphone/gadget insurance by Technical Dost.

Is mobile Insurance worth buying?

smartphone/gadget insurance

Companies like that talk about under what conditions they will not be paying you anything.

  • Firstly, If your phone slips from your hand, you don’t get smartphone/gadget insurance.
  • If it’s stolen and you don’t know its whereabouts, it still won’t give you any smartphone insurance.
  • If someone picks your pocket in a public place, still will not give you anything.
  • If you forget your phone on a bus/auto/public place. Still, you will not get a single penny.
  • If you are playing sports and something happens because of jumping, running, etc. Still nothing.

We would love to know when will the company pay exactly. They just pointed out all the things that can happen to someone which may cause the loss of a smartphone. So if your phone is fine already and you are taking great care of it, then what are you paying these smartphone insurance companies for? It’s complete bullshit. 

Before buying any smartphone insurance check all the “Terms and Conditions”. This is all about the “Dark reality of smartphone/gadgets insurance”. So stay safe, stay happy, and it’s better to just throw your money on the road than buy smartphone insurance. Stay smart.

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