Smartphone knows every single thing about you, you can’t even do anything!

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Smartphone knows every single thing about you, you can't even do anything!

Smartphone knows every single thing about you, you can’t even do anything!

Our personal information is collected by smartphones (Smartphone Personal Data). This is very common. The question is, how much information? The answer is more than you think. The smartphone also knows things about you that you might not have told friends or even yourself. The amazing thing is that you don’t even need to open many apps to accomplish this. When they are on the phone, the data is stolen. Know everything how Smartphone knows every single thing about you in detail by Technical Dost.


Map knows everything

The phone will include Google Maps. It has to be correct because work does not exist in India without it. Whether you open the map or not. He keeps track of your vehicle’s speed at all times. It doesn’t matter if the map is open because the speedometer is displayed on the screen anyway. Even if it is not open, the activity is being recorded.

Similarly, whether you opened the map or not, he knows where you went and who you met. Whatever you do to remove the location or clear the history. Everything is a mental construct. He knows everything.


Keep track of all passwords

You did not enter the password, so it was not saved. Whether you have selected the Save Password or Remember Password option for this site. That is, every password you use is saved on the company’s server. Even if it is encrypted. If you don’t believe it, just remember. How many websites send you a message to change your password at a specific time? Why you’re astute. Another example is when a company’s data is compromised, why does it ask its users to change their passwords? You know the answer.


Every Conversation’s Transcript

Remove whatever you want from the mic. Who did you talk to, when did you talk to them, what did you talk about, and for how long? Everything is being recorded. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that companies have dedicated teams for this. With a fancy name like Customer Experience Enhancement. Everyone listens, and ads are shown to you accordingly. The problem is that no matter how many options you disable, a flood of popups appears on the screen.

Smartphone knows every single thing about you. Why should you be afraid in public, you might ask? Technical Dost dint means to not frighten you. What will you achieve by scaring people? Because there are no other options. If all there is information, then share it with you. You do not need to be concerned.

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