Soap instead of an iPhone

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Soap instead of an iPhone

We have been made aware of a great number of incidents in which customers have received the wrong products. It appears as if the same thing happened again. A man placed an order for an iPhone, but he received Soap instead of an iPhone. We can give thanks that he ordered from a delivery service with an open box delivery.

This package is opened by the person who is making the delivery. Because the entire event was captured on camera, this evidence carried significant weight. That individual did not provide OTP. Therefore, the delivery was still showing up as being available for delivery. After that, he was able to return the package and receive a complete reimbursement after a few days had passed.

If you do a lot of your shopping online, you might have heard of incidents in which customers have received the wrong or copied products in place of the products they had ordered iPhone but got Soap instead of an iPhone.

We have seen many cases of online fraud, particularly during holiday sales periods, in which customers get wrong, damaged, or counterfeit products from online shopping websites such as Amazon and Flipkart like this Soap instead of an iPhone. Specifically, we have seen the most cases of online fraud during the holiday sales periods. The question now is, what should you do in the event that something similar takes place for you?


How to get a refund?

Soap instead of an iPhone
Soap instead of an iPhone

Both Amazon and Flipkart keep a careful watch on everything that goes on in their marketplaces. On the other hand, there is always a possibility that you will be taken advantage of by a shady salesperson, executive of the organization, or delivery man. Consequently, when you are accepting receipt of the box, you should inspect it for any breaks or additional tape. If it appears to have been altered in any way, you should not accept it.

1. Take a video of yourself while opening the package.

Soap instead of an iPhone
Soap instead of an iPhone

When opening any package that you get, you should always record a video of it. The product packaging as well as your information slip have to be viewable in the video in the appropriate manner. In the event that it turns out to be the wrong item, a duplicate, a fake product, or an empty package, you can relate back to this later as proof.

In an ideal scenario, it is preferable to first record the unpacking of the item and then do so in front of the delivery executive. Start a video recording before ripping off the packaging if you want to open it later; just be sure to show the package with a clear view of the order details. However, if you want to open it later, start the recording before ripping off the packaging. After that, you should cut open the package and examine the contents.

Fail to record video? You need to click on all of the needed photographs, including one of the packages you received with all of the tags and products. Sadly, the images won’t be of much assistance because they aren’t as convincing as a video when it comes to proving what happened. However, you can always give it a shot.


2. Get in touch with Amazon/Flipkart Customer Service.

Soap instead of an iPhone
Soap instead of an iPhone

You should contact the customer care departments of Amazon and Flipkart with any proof that you have got a fake product or something that you did not order from either website. The best way to proceed would be to provide them with an explanation of the situation along with all of the necessary photographs and videos in the body of an email.

Amazon has shown itself to be very kind in this regard. They will gladly grant you a refund with no questions asked for things that cost only a few rupees in total. On the other hand, when it comes to more pricey items, they will request valid proof and carry out a complete inquiry.


3. Register a Complaint with the Consumer Helpline

We have witnessed situations in which the customer service team for Amazon or Flipkart did not issue a refund, despite the fact that the situation was genuine. You can submit your case to the consumer forum if you have evidence that supports your claim, such as videos and photographs, and you believe that you are not getting a satisfactory resolution to your problem.


The Consumer Helpline can assist with the following:

  1. It appears that the package did not make it to its destination.
  2. Neither Amazon nor Flipkart will give you a refund for your purchase.
  3. A product that was flawed in its delivery was made available.
  4. It appears that the incorrect package has been delivered.
  5. The shipping container was found to be empty when it was delivered.
  6. Requests to return products that have been damaged or are duplicates will not be honored.
  7. Fraud by Amazon or Flipkart sellers, etc.


Tips to follow while shopping online

Soap instead of an iPhone
Soap instead of an iPhone
  • When making purchases online, you should only use trusted websites. Additionally, make sure the URL is correct. The phrase “https://” needs to appear at the beginning of the website.
  • Prior to placing an order for the goods, it is important to first check the ratings and reviews of the seller.
  • Whenever possible, give preference to purchasing things that are labeled “Flipkart Assured” or “Amazon Fulfilled.” These items have a reduced risk of being fake because Amazon and Flipkart handle the storage, packaging, and shipping of them accordingly.
  • Before placing an order, you are asked to first confirm that the product has a satisfactory return policy.
  • If it appears that someone has manipulated the package, you should not accept it.
  • Make a video of yourself while you are removing the items from the packaging. If you are going to be away from home when the goods arrive, you should instruct the person who is receiving it to either keep it sealed or record themselves opening it on camera.

This whole thing was about ways that you can purchase fake or duplicated products from online stores such as Amazon or Flipkart like Soap instead of an iPhone. In general, customer service is responsible for resolving the majority of fraud cases, whereas social media platforms may be used for the resolution of other types of fraud cases.

Watch out for danger, and go shopping. When you are opening your order, try not to act on impulse. Be sure to keep hold of your phone throughout the entire unboxing process so that you can record it if you also get Soap instead of an iPhone like that person.

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