Stop your phone from being tracked

Stop your phone from being tracked

There are several ways for your smartphone to track you, but if you’re cautious, you can limit this. We’ll demonstrate how to Stop your phone from being tracked right here by Technical Dost.

You most likely use your phone for a variety of business and personal purposes throughout the day. However, you may be unaware that what you do on your phone is not always private.

Here, we’ll list three different ways someone can track your phone, but before that, let’s see who can actually track your phone.

Who is tracking my phone?

Phone tracking can happen in an unexpected way. Researchers have reported that the location-tracking features of many apps and phone operating systems can pose a risk to domestic abuse survivors. This is because one only needs physical access to one’s phone to activate such capabilities. Plus, the device owner doesn’t get an alert that someone else has turned on track.

There’s also an increased likelihood that your workplace tracks your phone use. This is especially true if you have a company-issued device or connect your smartphone to a corporate network.

Not to mention that many apps and phone services include built-in tracking. These capabilities can be useful on occasion, such as when Android displays destinations close to the user’s current location to help the user acclimate to the area. People are unaware that apps may track them in the background in some cases.

A 2019 investigation by The New York Times involved a team examining 250 iPhone apps to see whether the products tracked users. The results showed that about two-thirds of them collected data about related people.

Phone tracking is also done by communications service providers. This is because each phone sends a personal identifier to the cell towers owned by those companies. This is a necessary part of connectivity because phone companies must confirm your location and that you are a customer. However, research is being conducted to authenticate you while protecting your identity. So here are some ways to stop your phone from being tracked.

Is there any code to check if your phone is monitored?

Some people detect possible phone tracking warning signs. For example, they may notice that the device slows down or changes its performance in unexpected ways. Tracking tools, on the other hand, are not always obvious.

Industry experts indicate that you can dial various codes that will respond to show potential tracking. Dialing *#61# will reportedly tell you if incoming calls are forwarded to another number. Similarly, using *#62# indicates whether the diversion software blocks calls and texts from reaching you.

However, getting confirmation from these codes isn’t always a bad thing. For example, people with an active voicemail box will see their calls forwarded after using the *# 61# code.

Stop your phone from being tracked
Stop your phone from being tracked

How to stop my phone from being tracked?

You have the ability to accomplish the goal of reducing phone tracking. It’s easier than you think, provided you know the options.

1. Disable Airplane Mode and the GPS Location Settings.

When you turn on your phone’s Airplane Mode feature, it blocks cellular and Wi-Fi networks from receiving connections that allow tracking to happen. After selecting Airplane mode, check the status of your phone’s GPS or location features. Airplane mode often disables the location setting after activation, but it’s best to check and be sure.

If you disable these features on your phone, you will be unable to make calls or access mobile data. That is a quick fix for stopping monitoring, but it is not the best option for long-term use.

2. Integrate with the Settings of the Operating System

Those who are very worried about app-based monitoring can frequently stop it by altering the OS’s default settings. People can choose to block monitoring for all apps or specific ones in recent iterations of Apple’s iOS. Here were some ways to stop your phone from being tracked by Technical Dost.

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