Who is Stupidest Prime Minister in the world?

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Stupidest Prime minister in the world.

I am actually very mad at google. Do you know why try and write “world’s Stupidest Prime Minister ” in the search bar? It shows “Modi Ji” as an answer.  Read more about who is the “Stupidest Prime Minister in the world“. 

Dear Google, you can’t really do that. Even if someone really is that stupid, you can’t. Although, he doesn’t quite fall into the category of stupid because a stupid person can’t really run the whole nation on his fingers by saying anything he wants. you can call him a bragger, or a show-off if you must, but stupid is a little out of the line.

It’s not the first time Google has done something like this. A few days back it was showing Modi Ji under the list of top 10 criminals in the world. Why do you hate our PM so much google? We are quite sufficient to solve our internal problems ourselves by making memes about them. You don’t need to bother.

Let’s keep this jibber jabber aside for a moment and think why is this really happening? It’s not actually Google’s fault that it’s showing our beloved Prime minister in those categories. The real reason behind this is when we search things on Google, it is not Google that decides what we are watching but the articles and SEO are solely responsible for everything we see on our search. The search engine doesn’t bother to understand the context of the articles present on the websites for the related topic, it just matches the words according to your search.

Take this for an example: an article in the United States was written about Modi ji and the word “stupid” was indeed used in it but it was not for him. When you searched the words “stupid” and “Modi” together. you’ll see that same answer because the search engine filtered out those specific words for you without the context.

You can write the exact opposite question too and can get the same answer again because some other articles may use the word “Smart” and “Modi” together in one article. Google just refers you to articles. It doesn’t really make them. It’s as simple as that same with the Stupidest Prime Minister verdict.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that everything you see on Google is not the word of God. We must not trust anything blindly and dig a little deeper to reach any conclusions about anything for that matter. So stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t trust anything blindly. This is all in the Stupidest Prime Minister in the world article.

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