Tech companies will once again manipulate you in 2023

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Tech companies will once again manipulate you in 2023

Tech companies will once again manipulate you in 2023

While many assurances were offered by these Tech companies, only a few were actually fulfilled.

Optimism is a common emotion to experience at the start of a new year. From this vantage point, the year 2022 stands out as exceptional. The globe welcomed the new year hoping that this would be the year it could break free of Corona’s hegemony. On top of that, tech companies had sky-high standards. When a new product is released, it is often accompanied by a cup plate that has been redesigned and given a new color. It seems inevitable that all of these developing technologies will be made available to people everywhere.

However, nothing even somewhat similar occurred. But there were bad things happening every day of the year. There have been hundreds of thousands of layoffs, and the number could be far higher. In case there was any doubt, let us clarify that the statements were quite lofty, but just a fraction of the promises were actually kept. We were inspired to put together this piece by the achievements of the tech industry in 2022.


Wanted 5G speed got old software

Tech companies will once again manipulate you in 2023
Tech companies launching 5G with old software

Anticipation for the rollout of 5G across the country began in earnest around the year 2020. It was originally offered to the public in October of 2022. Regarding this matter, we feel completely comfortable making such a statement. Indian telecom firms are years ahead of smartphone manufacturers. For the record, We feel perfectly comfortable making such a claim. Although it was promised that 5G will be accessible, no one has so far been able to locate it.

Taken as a whole, the only part of the phone that will change with the update to 5G is the network, which will become substantially faster. I went through a lot of pain before I figured out that the phone companies are the ones who would have to provide the software update in order to fix the problem, but once they do, everything will be OK again.

All parties involved, including Tech companies like Samsung, Apple, and Google, have displayed signs of exhaustion. At this point, it seems that Samsung and iPhone will have 5G up and running by the end of the year, but it will likely be a few months before Google Pixel is ready to deploy the technology.


Augmented Reality (AR) got feet instead of a headset

Tech companies will once again manipulate you in 2023
Tech companies will once again manipulate you in 2023

When did you first hear that 2022 will be the year the Metaverse was finally introduced? Facebook Inc., the parent corporation, had to put a lot of money into the rebranding and renaming of Facebook. Many people’s levels of enthusiasm for this topic were through the roof. New lives were created, marriages were celebrated, and everything in between began to take place in the Metaverse.

The situation, however, began to deteriorate rapidly. The United States Public Service Commission examination is the equivalent of Apple’s augmented reality headset. The lack of clarity is increasing. The year 2023 has been set as the publication date, as far as I am aware. Whether or not he will show up at this time is currently unknown.

Mark Zuckerberg’s unveiling of the Meta Quest Pro, a mixed reality virtual reality headgear, was met with much hoopla, and the public was exposed to a considerable lot of related news as a result. The character’s lack of legs in the prior headset served as inspiration for the designers of the current one, who gave him or her a pair. This is a report of the news. During the course of one year, only this much might have been gained by public bidding. Tech companies will once again manipulate you in 2023.


Colors changed instead of design language

Tech companies will once again manipulate you in 2023
Tech companies changing phones colors instead of design language

At this point, it would be dishonest to expect anything. When was the last time Tech companies introduced a new model with a design that rivaled? It appears that every company in this field manipulates its customers in some way. Just as before, you can raise and drop the camera’s height to change its perspective. A color-changing smartphone has recently entered the market as an alternative to redesigning the device.

Now I want you to tell me how your life will alter if the color of your smartphone screen shifts when it’s exposed to sunshine. Just what do you anticipate will occur? Nothing. When will the day arrive, after all, when we feel that our phone is slightly distinct from other phones, if not much more so than others? When exactly is it going to happen? The key to our search is the reply to this inquiry.


Same battery, increased charging speed

Tech companies will once again manipulate you in 2023
Tech companies increasing charging speeds but making the same battery

Although this mathematics is so simple that a fifth-grader could understand it, Tech companies are stumped by it. A mobile phone battery with 1000 mAh will provide adequate run time without needing to be swapped out. To declare that an increase in the capacity of the battery would be desirable and to say that this would be helpful.

On the other hand, things have gone entirely in the opposite direction. Since its inception, this charger has seen its power output increase from 80W, 100W, and 150W to a whopping 250W.

What, exactly, is going to take place as a direct consequence of this? As long as the battery is charged, the gadget you have will continue to work, bro. There is absolutely no justification for you to hang that pricey charger around your neck in any way. As long as the battery’s storage capacity can be expanded, the lengthier charging time is not a concern in and of itself. Everyone retires to bed at night, and the assault starts after everyone is asleep.

            When it comes to creating 5G technology, Indian telecom providers are years ahead of smartphone manufacturers. Hundreds of thousands of workers have been laid off, and the figure could be much higher in these Tech companies. As far as I am aware, the publication date has been planned for 2023. Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Quest Pro, a mixed-reality virtual reality helmet, received a lot of attention. Every corporation in this industry appears to manipulate its customers in some way.

As an alternative to redesigning the device, a color-changing smartphone has recently joined the market. This charger’s power output has increased from 80W, 100W, and 150W to a whopping 250W since its debut. Simply kissing the charger while it is still inside the phone will charge it completely.

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