4 Reasons Why Technical Guruji’s channel is down?

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Why Technical Guruji’s channel is down?

Today we are going to talk about a consistent, dedicated YouTuber who uploads at least 2 videos every day no matter what. Rain, storm, not even a whole tornado can stop this man from uploading his videos every day. As if his girlfriend has made him vow that either he will put two videos every day or she will break up. His name is quite famous in the world of tech YouTubers. I’m talking about none other than Technical Guruji. Read more to know the reason “Why is technical guruji’s channel down?“.

A person like me hardly makes one video in 3 days but his consistency is surely inspiring. Although, I couldn’t help but notice for someone who has around 21 million followers is getting much fewer views. Even if the views are under 1 lakh, it still doesn’t fit with the number of subscribers he has.

If we talk about other international YouTubers like “Marques Brownlee” or “Unbox Therapy” they have the same number of subscribers but their views are usually in the millions.

Even in India YouTube channels like “Tech Burner” gets views millions even though it has much fewer subscribers. If you see my channel, which also has much fewer views then the number of my subscribers is almost 2 million. My views are mostly around 1-2 lakhs but for someone who has 22 million subscribers. There is a huge gap between the views and subscribers which is a little disheartening to see.

  1. Algorithm

According to my own observations, I think the main and most important cause of all of this is “the algorithm”. YouTube works on an algorithm that changes over time to time. All the channels that are very old on the platform get a little blind-sighted by YouTube. Take the example of Sharma ji or Technical Guruji.

Now I’m not saying all of these channels are down only because of this, there may be other reasons too but the common thing we can see in all of them is that they’ve been on the platform for quite a long time. They all get a little blind-sighted by YouTube.


2. Number of Dislikes

The second reason for this could be, Disputes. It’s a hard-to-swallow pill but the dislikes and the amount of negativity on any channel can affect its image and hence, YouTube doesn’t encourage that. All the channels have been disputed, like there was this video on Guruji’s channel that was disliked by loads of people and got a lot of hate. His channel was once terminated too, but he got it back. After all these incidents his views really took a hit.

YouTube’s algorithm stood promoting such channels which are continuously disrupting the community guidelines or being disliked a lot. A lot of other channels are famous because of disputes but those are rare cases. In reality, Most of the channels get frozen because of this.


3. No Strategy Updates

The third reason for this issue could be, the same strategy that was being used at the start of the channel till now. We all know that in this fast-paced world, everything changes and we change with it. That is the only rule of survival. There are always modified things that replace the old items and for one to achieve success, it is necessary to adapt to change accordingly. People love something at a time but if the same thing is repeated again and again, they lose interest.


4. No more Giveaways

The biggest reason for the downfall of views is “giveaways”. When guruji started his journey he was giving away phones like Candies. So a big chunk of his subscribers were the freebies. Those freebies don’t really care about the content. They are just there for free prizes. It’s a simple deal all tech channels use to get into the limelight.

        Even Subscribe to my channel and I will give you free stuff. Many people subscribe to that and only come whenever there is an opportunity to win something. So when someone gradually decreases the number of giveaways, he/she naturally loses the views of that chunk of people. They were never really interested in the content anyway.

All of these things above can cause the downfall of any channel and I think that’s all from me. If you have any other points or opinions about the same I would love to hear about them. Even if they apply to me, I will be more than happy to correct them. Why technical guruji’s channel is down is the main topic here. So keep yourself secure, content, and progressing.

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