That’s right, no more airplane mode!

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no more airplane mode!

That’s right, no more airplane mode!

When using the 5G service, this feature will no longer work.

The “Airplane mode” on your phone is about to be completely deactivated. When activated, this function causes the phone to immediately disconnect from all of its networks. You are no longer connected to the rest of the world in any way. Moreover, there are rumors that this feature will be disabled in the near future.

This is because of a policy decision made by EU member states (European Union – EU). There has been a decision made that will allow passengers to use the internet even while the plane is in flight. If the airplane mode does indeed work on the plane, what kind of a mess will you be making for yourself by bringing it along? Yes?


The EU will permit passenger plane data use

With the decision made by the European Union’s Commission in 2023, it will be legal to use data on board passenger planes for the first time. That is, using a mobile device in flight to check emails, read news articles, etc. There will, of course, be a way to get in touch with you by phone. the airline industry 5G service can be provided even in airborne environments.

Although data access is not entirely available on board the aircraft, WiFi can be accessed anywhere in the cabin. It’s not free, and its price tags add up to a sizable chunk of the total. On the other hand, from within the plane, passengers will soon be able to see the network’s geographic center.


Flyers will soon use 5G connections

What time will it actually begin? Just what does the term “date” entail? It is the 30th day of June, the year 2023. Currently and in the future, travelers can use their 5G connections while in flight. After that, you can do things like make phone calls while watching a video streaming service. Thierry Breton, a commissioner for the European Union, has been quoted as saying,

Airplane mode will be unnecessary

A recent report claims that “5G service in aircraft will be more than just a new facility for passengers; it will also help the progress of the countries of the union.”

However, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding how the 5G service will operate in airborne environments. In 2022, air travel from the United States to many other countries was severely disrupted due to certain frequencies associated with 5G. Travel by air was impacted in both directions due to these delays. The government and telecom providers are uncertain as to whether or not the airport’s immediate neighborhood will have access to 5G service. If, on the other hand, everything goes according to plan, switching the smartphone to airplane mode will be totally unnecessary.

You’re going to say that the decision is being made in another country, but that’s not an excuse for ignoring our needs. Consequently, your decision, sir, will affect all of humanity. In response to these issues, Apple integrated a Type-C charging port into the iPhone. Numerous changes are on the horizon because of this choice. Yes, no more airplane mode!

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